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Salam i cherch Muslima for maried
Salam Alaykum Brothers and Sisters, someone very dear to me reverted to Islam a few years ago and is now really keen on learning arabic. I am an arab myself however, I mainly know arabic from it being...
Walid Abou-Abdillah
Soon Sister i will provide you by good resources and inshallah i'm gonna make some Arabic lecture also make some exercise and give members chance to discuss with me soon inshallah.
First i gonna make a plane because of my job rotation one month by one month so full month exist and other no, but Allah...
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Walid Abou-Abdillah
Here's my Email Sister Muslimah, [email protected] please just contact me to get the Books Inshallah.
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May Allah bless all my brothers and sisters all around the world and help all those who struggling <3
Inthikhab Farook
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Hassan Boukharbi
allahomma aameen.
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