London Grant

Born on December 7, 1989
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London Grant
I'd like to thank the Ummah for the warm words. As I
stated before I'm new to Islam. I converted in 2011 and was learning on my own and was doing fine but with the lack of being around fellow Muslims I...
Fawwaz Alamudi
amien insyaallah Allah always guide you to back to the right way...
December 12, 2013 Like
London Grant
I am technically a revert. I love Allah and wish to get back on my deen and visit the masjid. Currently I'm on house arrest however and I don't have any Muslim friends. What do I do? Should I just pra...
Muhammad Badamasi Yaro Us
Write a comment...Assalam to My Muslim brothers & sisters
December 11, 2013 Like
Be patient, it is the only one that Allah ordered to us. OK?
December 11, 2013 Like
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