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Lives in Abuja, Nigeria · Born on July 22
The Prophet (#) did not speak unless
he needed to. He would visit his
Companions, see to their needs, keep
them united and not ward them away.
He would beautify the good and
strengthen it. He would not move into
any posture except while mentioning
Allah. If he sat with a people he would
sit at the end of th...
1. When saying Takbeer‐e‐Tahreema females should raise both their hands up to the shoulders
without removing them from under the Burqa.(a kind of shawl or veil covering the whole body
from head to foot‐ translator) (Tahtaawee‐ pg.141)
2. Thereafter they should tie th...
We find in todays society where people look into what their fellow brothers and sisters does of bad but not of good, when you talk about 2pac but not ahmad deetat, DMX but not zakir neik. It is not a new thing. You find people who gets emotionla problems becouse of a girl but not becouse he didnt w...
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