Amirulislam Amir

Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh · Born on January 1, 1996
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Amirulislam Amir
Assalamu alaikum. I am from Bangladesh
السلام عليكم . (وعليكم السلام المجد لله.‎
Glory to Allah. I, Caliphate, Emir of Kano. Send me your email address, telephone number. Good news to shares with you. Masha Allah.
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Mariam Ibrahim
Greetings in the name of Almighty Allah, I’m Mariam, a 62 years old woman ,suffering from Cancer I found u in one of the pages here & i immediately prayed over ur profile before sending u a message, i...
Jessicabrown Brow
please i will like you to contact me
through my email address([email protected])so that i can tell you more about me with pictures of me,
Amirulislam Amir
Janaza prayer is Farz kafayah. If one prays the salah than all are free of the responsibility. in other hand all who feceived the news but didn’t come to payer are sinners. know step by step with jana...
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