From those around I hear a Cry,
A muffled sob, a Hopeless sigh,
I hear their footsteps leaving slow,
And then I know my soul must Fly!
A chilly wind begins to blow,
Within my soul, from Head to Toe,
And then, Last Breath escapes my

It's Time to leave. And I must Go!
So, it is True (But it's t...
“They (...) say, “Oh, poor girl, you’re so
beautiful, you know It’s a shame(!)
that you cover up your beauty so.”
•>She just smiles and graciously
responds reassuringly,
“This beauty that I have is just one
simple part of me.
This body that I have, no stranger has
the right to see.
»These long cloth...
Yes to your beautiful smile that
sends a message of warmth and
friendliness to others.
Yes to your kind words that establish
friendship as permitted in Islam and
dispel rancour.
Yes to acceptable charity that brings
happiness to the poor and feeds the
Yes to sitting with the Qur’an,
Missing those Beautiful nights
missing those lovely days
It was then that i didn’t care for you
I misused the time when you were
with me
Every night was a special night
Looked forward with great
Every dawn bought special feelings
Tears poured by as the days of being
with u decreased
The Heart, in its journey to Allah
(SWT) is like that of a bird: Love is
its head, and fear and hope are its
two wings. When the head and
two wings are sound, the bird flies
gracefully; if the head is severed,
the bird dies; if the bird loses one
of its wings, it then becomes a
target for every hunt...
Ashiqur Rahman
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