- What are some of ur ideas for a sadaqa jariya? When a person dies, all his actions come to an end with the exception of three:

1) Sadaqa Jaariyaa recurring charity,
2) Knowledge from which benefit continues to be reaped,
3) And the prayers of his pious children for him [Bukhari] -

So make sure you have some type of residual ajr system set up that can continue to benefit YOU after ur death. What are some of ur ideas for a sadaqa jariya?

Just some quick ideas:
1. Give some money to an Islamic school so that people will benefit from the knowledge based on your donation

2. Donate to a masjid so that you can partake in the building of that masjid (which will insha'Allah stay active after you pass away)

3. Teach someone to read the Quran and or how to pray (so that when they teach their children, that reward comes back to you, insha'Allah!)

4. Donate money to build a water pump so that people have clean drinking water and you will be rewarded for whenever they drink from it or do wudhu from it insha'Allah

5. Give dawah to non-Muslims and allow yourself to be used as a tool to help people find Islam so that you can share in the reward of their Islam, insha'Allah

6. Give guidance to Muslims that are struggling so bring them back to religion so they can start praying

7. Invite people to this TURNTOISLAM site so they can increase their Islamic knowledge, insha'Allah

8. Give gifts of knowledge like books or tuition towards seminars so that the knowledge they learn will come back to you, insha'Allah

9. Have a car? Drive people to the masjid or to Islamic classes so they benefit based on the time you give them by transporting them!

10. Volunteer your time to Islamic organizations so that the fruit of your time is seen with the fruit of the organization

11. Teach your kids good manners so they are upright and will pray for you when they grow up.

12. Teach your kids Quran!

13. Help design websites for Islamic organizations

14. Use your language skills to translate Islamic works into your language so the people around you can benefit!

15. Have really good manners all the time so that people can see the dawah you give just by the way you interact with them!

16. Start an Islamic organization that calls people to the truth

17. Setup something at the masjid encouraging the youth to attend (i.e. maybe free donut breakfasts on Saturday mornings after fajr at the masjid?)

18. Teach Sunday school so that you can help impart knowledge on the new youngsters in our communities that need help

19. Relate to your peers that have problems with smoking or alcohol or fornication and let them know that repentance is better for them and that the Islamic life is where true happiness lies

20. Give Qurans to non-Muslims so they can learn about the truth!

And many, many more different ideas. Can you think of some? Are you making sure that you are setting up your proper ajr account for the Hereafter? Insha'Allah!

Via I Need Allah in my Life
So make sure you have some type of residual ajr system set up that can continue to benefit YOU after ur death. What are some of ur ideas for a sadaqa jariya?
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hudha ibham
assalamu alaikum warahmathulla.... I'm planning to start an Islamic magazine in Sri Lanka. If any of you are interested you are welcomed to publish your articles and content there. hope it too turns to sadaqa jariya inshallah....
November 21, 2013 Like
wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullah wabarakatuhu masha Allah... we love too <3, hope ur planning are run well dear sist... barak Allahu feeki.. Smile
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