the problem with the world is that they is no respect. Everyone is for them self' one is matter how much money they have they still want this duniya they are to busy chasing they dreams...some want a new car, some a big house and a lot of people are chasing after that what is going to save us from the hellfire? can buy u a lot of things but it CANT buy u CANT buy you good allah give us sabbar..
I'm Turkısh Man and I Dont Know this text but ı am going to learn English
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rita rai
Md Sarwar
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Pronita Sharma
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Abdullahi Hassan
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Sakib Arifin
Salam, that's true. But you need money to feed your family. But the excessive greed for money is what leads people to do wrong I think.
February 24, 2017 Like
Call to Goodness
Salam Sister. Honestly you are completely right. Now here's my challange to you, be the example in the pit evil. Remember when Yusuf (pbuh) was thrown in prison for something he never did, now he was probably scared and alone and he must have felt as though Allah (S.W.A) wasting him to his very limi...
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Amirulislam Amir
you said right. Now every one is selfish.
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