Would Allah still punish us for RIBAH/interest even though the whole world is engulfed in it?

Islam and Money
Written by Imran Nazar Hosein
Allah will hold you to account for that Riba which you can avoid even if you had to flee to the mountains sides where rain falls and take with you some sheep and goats.

Imran Hosein - THE PROHIBITION of RIBA (Interest) [FULL VIDEO]

This shaykh has deep understanding of the harm of RIBA. After listening to his lecture I understood why Allah SWT has declared war on people who deal with RIBA, because these people give power to control money to money landers who in turn put people in slavery and hardship and also can finance a war just by printing unlimited amount of money and kills those who oppose them. And the blood of those innocent people are also on the hands of those who give them RIBA/interest on borrowed money.
Those who willingly cooperate with them for a small worldly gain will be with Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal in hellfire because they also financed the war against believer.
Allah SWT is not only very merciful but also stern punisher.
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Call to Goodness
Salam Brother. To be honest we are nearing the end of reality. Sin has become the norm, shepherds who were once penniless now compete to build skyscrapers that touch the clouds. Further more time is accelerating at an insane rate. Usury becoming the norm is part of that but Yes I agree, we need to s...
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Charles Omar
Great post! No it is not wrong since interest only is an umbrella word for underlying stuff such as admin, risk, contact network etc. C
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Sanaullah Kiani
Nice post Ma-Shaa-Allah.Here is a Quran classes for your kids blog as well.
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