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Cafer Ince
Bismillahir rahmanir raheem. I'm Cafer ( Jaafar) from UK. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, any brothers who care about the state of the Ummah? Ma Salama Jaafar
Abdelaziz from ETHIOPIA
oh my br!your question is not clean4me!can you define it?
March 13, 2018 Like
Zahoor uddin Bashir
Welcome Kardes Cafer. Benim adim Zahoor ve ben Pakistanili. I have lot of respect for Turkish people, their language and culture. Trying to learn your language these days. My email address is [email protected] gorusuruz, inshaAllah.
March 27, 2018 Like
Zahoor uddin Bashir

Assalam o alaikum to everyone.
March 27, 6:31 am
Mehdi Joafshani

السلام علیکم جمیعا
March 23, 11:54 pm
Abdullah Khan Yousaf Zai

aslmao alykum all
November 24, 7:20 pm

assalaam alakum
October 20, 5:26 pm
Muhammad Huzaim Asghar

October 8, 7:39 pm
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