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  • As-saaamu'alaykum! :D

    Ukhtiiiiii! CuzZziinn! Habibtii!

    How are ya maiin? :):)
    TC always.

    Thinking of you ;)
    alright. in the opening post, can you remove all of number 2 and 5, and the last sentence about the request to leave the thread as it is. and post 3# can you delete it. jazakAllah khayran.
    its urgent and you can close it again if you want. i just need to do some editing and another post. then you can close it. i need to apologize, not just to one person, but to others as well. but if you still cant, then never mind..
    :salam2: pls sis can you open my thread. i need to edit some stuff and i need to apologize. jazakAllah khayran.
    sister....subhanaAllah, that msg was heart touching..............subhanaAllah. I am pleased to know that I make you smile for seeing another Muslimah smile takes my worries and stress away and make makes me smile with happiness. may Allah accept your beautiful duas, ameen.
    thanks for the heart touching reply, ur msg to me is the "the drops of honey" you describe. I wish too meeet you in Al-firdous- though I am unsure if I will make it there. Only Allah knows, and I am at His mercy......
    again, jazakaAllah khairan and thank you so vey much for the duas, really-they mean ALOT to me.
    I ask Allah the same for u dear sis,
    wasalamu Alaikum wr wb......
    "keep JANNAH in YOUR mind"
    guud night sister, i'll now sleep.....
    pls forgive if i die b4 you hear from me again. and I ask Allah to forgive me as well,
    keep the ummah in ur duas.
    luv, hug, kisses.
    your ukhti,
    Asalam aleekum,

    Ofcourse I understand and ur right ana ma fakart bi hel dareeqah ini momkin asabib ihraj ur 100% right about that...but look at the bright side thats why we have u as mod...u know ur like a mother that cares for her child, trying to make sure things are right and in order....jazak Allah kheer wa kather Allah min amthalik
    Assalamu Alaikum beloved sister in islam:)
    I hope u r in the best of health/imaan,
    thot I wud drop by and say salaam, it has been ages since we said "salaam". hope all is well with u dear sis,
    you're always in my duas.........keep me in urs, i cud soo use 'em RIGHT now.
    stay blessed, and remember................>DUNYA is only for a limitted time.........Akhirah is for eternity. please keep that in mind, and Allah will never let you or I down, may Allah keep us on the right path. ameen
    luv u dear, Allah always protect that beautiful soul of urs!ameen
    Thanx for the edit, i didnt want to use names but i wanted to use real examples...but i guess it wasnt right...salam sis, much love...n i aint flirting...lolz...jk
    Yes i just went a little *eew* in that thread sorry :$:$ *yiykes*

    But i was just curious... hmmmmm

    Anyways, jazakAllah khair for your prompt reply!
    As-salaamu'alaykum i was hoping you could move the following two threads to the sisters only area,

    1) accepted homosexuality for women???? *sister al salam*
    2) Sister's i am really sad *sister Allah is with me*

    JazakAllah khair cousin :D

    Assalamu Alaikum my sun shine!:D

    oo la la! look who is a mod :D:D:D ohh yea!!! it's my sis, my sis my sis!lol
    SubhanaAllah it's super duper tripler nice too see u as a MOD:D:D:D:D:D
    you deserve it...................:D
    you know you have the attitude of a mod (not a bad one mind you:D:D)
    but anywho, hows everything going? i hope the best inshaAllah:D
    salaaam Allaiukm my sweet honey :D
    Asslam u Alaikum wr wb dear sister,

    I pray to Allah for you to be in the best state of Eman, heart and mind. I hope things would be better at your end now...if not ...I ask Allah SWT to make everythng easy for you...May you have peace, hapiness, and calmness in dunya and aakhirah.

    I have just noticed that you are one of the MODs of TTI. Subha Allah !!! I am happy to ses that. Recently I have noticed some useless talks (some other similar things...I am not sure it's just my feeling or it is fact). Alhamdolillah i am very much saisfied to know that Administration of this site is very responsilbel. Congratulations dear sister. May Allah reward you abundantly and may HE make your these efforts as a source of extreme happiness for you on the Day of Resurrection. May Allah give us all knowledge and opportunities to serve HIS Deen.

    I love Ukhti for the sake of Allah

    Wa Alaikum Salam wr wb
    As-salaamu'alaykum greeny!

    Congrats to yuou, im sure you'l do a great job as always inshaAllah!

    Lots of love
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