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  • As-salam 'alaikum warahamtu-llahi wa barakatuhu
    ramadan mubaraka to you and your family

    may Allah shower His mercy, blessing and forgiveness to us
    Barakum Allahu feek

    Assalamu Alaikum: Dear Br.

    Thanks so much . Ramadan Mubarak to you too. May Allah (SWT) help us to pick real essence of fasting. May this month of Ramadan be a month of utmost blessings for you and family,InshaAllah.

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,wishing you and your family Ramadan mubarak,brother :)
    bhai bus :) aap se fb pe baat ho jati thi but i think aap ne wahaan kafi deir se chakar nhn lagaya lol kuch dino pehle saudia ka zekr howa tu aap ka soch raha tha :p ke aap tu gaib hi ho gaye phir socha shaid yahan pe abhi bhi ate hoon :D tu dekh lejye lol aap ko mera vm a gaya phir
    ALhumdulilah yr :) studies very tough bus dua kiya karein bhai, aap ka yeh gift mujhe bht acha lagta hai
    Please answer asap brother...ap online dikhe islye apkohi send kardiya message.
    If not allowed then why?
    Question: Should a pious Muslim be a member of a co-ed gym? I'm talking particularly in USA or any other westernized countries where the genders do not have separate exercise areas, and the dress is anything but modest.
    Nahee, I saw the greeting. Just noticed the Pakistani flag now.
    Alhamdulillah our Family has grown by 2.

    We had identical twin daughters!

    Aap kaise ho ?
    I am an immigrant, i was born in bangladesh and in an american embassy so under american soil. Anyway Its good to hear you are done studies long time ago =) :lol: i just started :(
    I am studying aerospace engineering and probably specializing in space systems =)
    Salam bro, yeah I am from toronto ON, Canada. I am doing good, a little bit soar from the gym. I am back on TTI, looking for answer yet again. Idk, the quran says the ghayb is the unforseen not the unknown. so why is my aspiration going against divine law :S. Anyway how is your family and work and school? I am done my first year, just relaxing before Ramadan, so excited =)
    walaykum asalaam,

    Alhamdulillah.. app sunain ahmed bhai kaise hain... u.a.e mi tu koi protest ka naam hi nai lol... waise hona chaiye peaceful protest lol, bohot logoo nay properties mi millions invest kiyay hain aur properties ki completion date 2007 ya 2008 aur abi tak start bi nai hue project... aur paise wapas bi nai dey ray... they say ke agar paise wapas chaiye tu file a case.. lawyer want 300,000 dh. phir case bi waitng list mi... ajeeb system hain.. aur incase project cancel hota hai tu they will return the money but they will cut 300,000...
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