Aisha hussain..
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  • Assalamu alaikum my friend :)

    hope u and ur family is doing good with the help of Allah..

    Just wanted to knock you when I am online :)

    Take care aloot

    FEE AMANILLAH dear :)

    so u messed up with a cake ?? ahem ahem lolzzz

    dont worry, mistakes are always the secrets of success :)

    For me... making cakes is a nothing but a head ache heheheheh lolzzz im not so much patience lolzzzzz but i make date cakes and fruit and nut cakes yummmyyyy

    so what else dear.. hope to see you in messenger soon Insha Allah

    Take care my friend :)

    lolz mere dadi aay vi ae bht acha tym guzar ra ae un k sath * note sarcasm* :lol: :D chal make dua fr me ajkal exam ho ra ae... =) tc mwah
    Wa alaikum assalaam dear..

    yes man.. busy like hell.. uffffffff

    My next semester is going to start Insha Allah and the lectures would start on the 21st of this month sisi.. make Dua' plz :)

    Plus Insha Allah..I hope this will be a great time 'coz we r gonna learn a lot regarding computer math + programming and stuff.. MASHA ALLAH :) I am waiting for that ma :)
    :) well.. Cooking, Alhamdulillah.. my trials are always success.. Summa Alahmdulillah :)

    Even last night's dinner was totally prepared by me ahem ahem Alhamdulillah ..:)

    My dad is the one who likes it the most :) ahem ahem LOLLLZZ

    ok ok.. now tell me ur about ur pages of life.. curious to listen :)

    Fee Amanillah
    Wa alaikum assalaaaaaam MY FRIEND :)


    Happy to have u back in TTI :)

    Yes dear.. I am lil busy and rarely siting online :)

    well.... Just feeling HAPPY MAN !!!!

    Love u sister for the sake of Allah

    FEE AMANILLAH !!!!!!!
    Wa Allaicumu saalm wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu my sweet sister.

    How are you? How is your family? Inshallah you are in the good state of health and eman, with the mercy of Allah

    It is hapiness of my heart my sister, that you have liked it. May Allah reword you for so kind words. It made happy my day. :hijabi:

    I love you for the sake of Allah Only!

    May Allah bless you and keep you with His Protection.

    Assalamu allaicumu wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu
    ***When you need it the most, when you think you have nowhere to go .... look yourselfe in the chambers of my soul ...this is your refuge ... if you can not find ... just look up into the sky .... there are clouds of our memories where my soul is resting...****
    lolz bs yawr was busy myself....still am ;)
    yaron sa fursat kaha milti ae LOL muje fb wall per msg karna when u come online, if i can come ma osi tym aa jaon gi =)
    oh yea speakin ov yadain... ♥ :D hehehehhhhhhhhhhhh ;p samaj tou gaye ho gi :p tc mwah lub yew
    Assalaamu 'alaykum

    I forwarded your PM to the Admin of the site, since I don't know anything about IP address banning (I have no authority over that) ... So I hope he'll be able to see it and look into it sometime inshaAllaah.

    BarakAllaahu feeki for your patience!
    ohhh tu kaha sa aa gaye? :p lolzzz welcome bck sista ;)
    ooo itni khush na ho tere sa zada ma ehem kisi aur ko miss karti hn :lol: samaj tou gaye ho gi :D
    take care stay in touchhhhhhhhhh

    Dearest Sister Aisha hussain..,

    ~May Allah swt blessed upon you
    And Your Family~Amin!

    Take Care!
    ~Wassalam :)
    buzy buzy bee :lol: kaa busy ho ajkal :p ya shyd ma bht free ho gaye hn :D lolzzz winter vacs wupi :lol: take care aur care a lil to reply back ;) hugzzz
    hello jani :p
    yawr tou pagal ae :p bad ma khudi roe pitta gi phr mat kehna k ab kia karon :p juzz do it b4 its too late warna mere tara pashtavaaaaaaaa mahahhaha
    ohoo maza aata ae mere lectures ka? :p beta ab tiyar hoo ja tere kher ni ab :p
    aagaa aaaga dekho se aik shyr yaad aa gia aaj hi urdu class ma para tha :lolP
    ehem ehem....

    Ibtadae ishq ha rota ha kia
    wah wah :p
    ibtadae ishq ha rota ha kia
    aaga aaga dekh hota ha kiaaa :D kesa ;) teacher na sunaya tha :p
    mere baatain sab e tough hoti ae karna ko :p bt aik bar aazma lee chilll ho jae gi ;)
    mahahah @ panka :lol: yawr ma kia karon nt my fault
    cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lub yew mwah mwah mwahhhhhhh hahahhaha
    *hugzzz *
    >>aaggggggg<<<(fire) lmao
    wah aa gaye tou? :p tere per bari tap ae muje :( jaa baat mat kar huh :lol: jao jao ma ni kaar rii baat :( :lol: jk :p
    han dekh lee inna fan tobaahhhhhhhhhhhh mahahhaha LOL
    owwkkkkk owkkk aajaon gi online :p bt tere wala ee kam karon gi k tab aao gi jab tou ni hoo gi ;) kessaaaa,,, acha ae na mera badla? :p
    lolzz i repled to ur texts bt since ur outa crdt chal maaf kia :lol:
    han han aaj kal fiery spirit bani vii hn lmao :lol:
    tc *hugzzz*
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