Aisha hussain..
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  • no behna ur urdu is very nice mashAllah:)

    haan i add u:) but abhi tak sahyd tumne accept nahi kia:D
    behna tum mere vm ka msg na mere wall per likah karo becoz uhdar mujey tuo nai pata vhalta n uhdar agar tum msg likhogy tuo nitification ahy ga :D Aisha tum mere saath urdu bol sakti ho no pro :) main hoan na tmhare pak freind :p
    i m from peshawer in pak :D oh mashAllah so karachi visiti karne jah rahi ho lol enjoyyyyy btw what u wear i will tell u on MSn ;)
    take care
    Allah hafiz
    n plz sis reply this msg in my wall :)
    walaikum salam sister,
    Mashallah, yes brother ansari is one of my dearest friends on TTI and SubhanAllah he has alot of knowledge :), im sure he would have provided you good answers to your Question.
    ameen to ur dua, May you continue to rise in your deen - ameen

    wa iyak ,
    aslam o alaikum
    aslam o aliakum

    AozibiAllah himineshaitaan nirajeem

    Forgive me sister, i know its been a really long time said i dropped a "hi shy", i hadn't forgotten you i was just embarrassed cuz i know you pmed me and i didn't reply cuz so many things came up and then it got accidentlly deleted so .... well im very sorry.

    I hope your ummrah went well, and your in good health and deeni wealth.
    JazakAllah khair

    aslam o alaikum wa rahmatuALlahi wa barakatuhu
    Salam sis iam really fine actually yaha koi nahin hai to speak urdu no paki friend and iam a student job mere parents no ways

    and where are you from pak my mom is from karachi after 6 saal ke baad mein ja rahin hun bit scared about wht i hear lol
    walikumsalam behna

    i m fine Alhumdillah n how r u? ..hmm mashAllah achey urdu bol lehty ho:D , arey tum sorry kuion bol rahi ho, it's ok behna.......ur urdu is correct:) Alhumdillah

    aur sunao whats going on these days? n May i ask r u student or doing job:D

    take care
    Walikumsalam wah rahmahtullah wah bahrahtu
    Assalamu alaikum dear sis Alhamdulillah im fine how r u and ur family hope u and ur family r also fine! My dear sis im going for 1 or 2 months out of the city i will be offline i will miss u sooo much dear sis plz keep me in ur dua's sis i really need them!See u soon!May Allah always keep u and ur family in His protection Amin!plz do not forget about me!
    oh sis i made dua for each and every 1 in tti i just wish Allah accepts my ummrah and my duas inshallah love you sis
    Asalamu alaikum, alhamdulela, we are all good. How are you? How was your beautiful ummrah? I hope you made dua for me inshaa Allah! :D :hearts:
    :salam2: my dear sis,hw r u? hope every thing is alright there.
    :tti_sister: remember me in your duas,
    take care n lots of wishes for u :SMILY34::SMILY34::SMILY34::SMILY34:
    Assalamu alaykum my dear sister!Juma mubarak May Allah bless ur day Ameen!

    Your sister
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