Aisha hussain..
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  • ahan sure aajana juzz msg meh on fb i'll get the notificatn on cell.. ager aa saki aa jaon gi.
    take care yawr
    mere thursday aur friday kolg sa chuti ae :lol:
    so yawr try karna aajana :p itna b kia busy ;)
    hpe ur doing fine :D
    tc sis
    :wasalam: Sweetie...:)

    JAZAKALLAHU KAHIR for your kind words and of course cool friend ship..

    I am blessed with you..

    u knw what? I WATCH ONLINE RECIPES :wink: AND THEN MAKE DISHES...:lol::lol:

    I made carrot Halwah yesterday,:shymuslima1: ALHAMDULILLAH every one liked it:shymuslima1:

    Take care a lot darling..:hearts:

    FEE AMANILLAH:hearts:


    Happy Ma'al Hijrah
    1432' Hijrah~2010'/2011' Masihi.
    To you sister .

    This New Year,
    May Allah swt shower with full of blesses upon all muslim~Amin!

    Thank you,
    Take Care!
    ~Wassalam :)
    :lol: naw its ok :p ma khud bi itni daar tak ni jagi cuzns aur frnds k sath lagi vi thi :D lolz so pata ee ni chala hehe :D
    han tou online aa bata dn gi its veryyyyyyyyyyy easy :D
    *hug* take care sista missing u ♥

    glad to hear from u sweet sis!

    Alhamdulilah, am great, hopin & prayin the same for u :)

    Thank u for lovin my posts :)

    Allah swt keep u in best of health alwys & peaceful too Ameen

    *hugz* take gooood cre & eat healthy :)
    :wasalam: Sweet heart..:)

    HUGS TO YOU TOO DEAR..:):muslim_child:

    You see, I have got my semester exam's schedule :lol::lol:+:girl3::girl3:+:SMILY309:


    So im soooo nervous now a days and im spending 75% of time with my PC:girl3:

    Of course, I spend more time on Islamic studies, ALHAMDULILLAH:muslim_child:

    HM.. apart from studies, as u knw im learning to cook:shymuslima1:
    hm.... fighting with sister + playing with bubbles... :muslim_child::muslim_child:

    I love bubbles a lot u knw...:hearts::hearts::hearts::shymuslima1:



    FEE AMANILLAH sweetie :hearts::hearts:
    *hug* mwah :D :lol: oh tussi back :SMILY288: :D
    oo thnx fr da peom sis ♥
    mahhahahah xD oo koi ni bhoot na tuje dekh kar dar jana tha :p lolzzzzz kher glad to see aap wapis tashrif lee ae oo :lol: *hug* :D
    han fikar not jani :p lolz aao gi kal sunday funday :lol: :D
    The rain may be falling hard outside,
    But your smile makes it all alright.
    I'm so glad that you're my friend.
    I know our friendship will never end."
    oo gud oye :lol: chal koi ni next tym sae :p lolzzzz u shud taste the choc cake IIIII make lolz :D apne tareef aap ni karta bt its awlways turning out awwwwwwzummmmmmmm mahhahah xD chal next tym xaror send kari han ;) tc mwah yawr jaldi wapis aa :p miss u hugzzzzzzzz
    Salaam my lovely sister :) Thank you for answering my thread on Oman, UAE and KSA :D

    Do you wear Niqab all the time? When did you begin to wear Niqab? :D
    o hello jee ;) lolz
    im hungry :p :lol: :((((((((((((( hehe
    aur yawr u kese ae :D :D lolzzzz take care missing u mwah ♥

    hiiiii sis, oh dint knew u wer ill...but gud to se u well again :)
    Allah swt always keep u in best of health & Imaan and peaceful Ameen

    Thank you so much:hearts:

    Take gOod care, eat healthy :)

    *HuGz* :SMILY252:
    walikumsalam ;)
    oo jee aap ka bht shukria :p mere wall per tashref lana ka :lol: :D oo bandi serious mat va kar :lol: khush re :D
    han ma b tuje kal dikha don gi dontttttt worry :D hehe
    *hug* lub yew toooooooooo ♥
    walikumsalam ;)
    sms nii mila yawr ya shaid mila ho :lol: :D yawr i hope ur feelin better nw maa naa kal raat aana tha online :lol: bt itni tired went zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz lolz :D
    hibba ko wese keh dia tha tuje salam de mera ;)
    shyd wo b zzzzzzzzzz gaye thi :p
    chal kher han i'll msg ya on fb miss fb addict :lol:
    sad sad hi aaj kal muj pr suit karta ae :p bs no more masti thori sadness b achi lagti ae insan ma :lol:
    chal aajain yawr lub yew tooo
    tc hugzzzzzzz
    Dear Aisha hussain..

    Nah never mind
    Don't worry sis
    i understand......
    that you r very bz wif school n all dat
    it ok .
    ~May Allah swt keep us all in the best of health~Amin!

    Take Care!
    ~Wassalam :)

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