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  • assalamu alaikum, dear sister.

    jazakallah khair for the friend request. in'sha'Allah, let's be buddies. =D


    in'sha'Allah, everything is well for you, sister.
    Wa alaykumu salaam wa rahmatuLlah sis

    Im well alhamdulillah. How are you??
    Ameen to your du'a may Allah bless you abundantly and may He love you
    i love you tooo soo much ukhtii (L)(L) take care of urself and may you succeed in duniya and akheerah

    wa salam
    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi sister

    How are you doing?
    Jumuah mubarak!!
    JazaakiLlah kahyran for adding me :) I hope you're in the best of health and eeman
    take care!!
    wa salamu alaykum
    Assallamu alaykum sister:)
    Am glad i met you today Alhamdulillah:)
    im waiting sister to swap ends lol
    come to my end and i go down yours
    just don't come to me when you get bored of my ends lol
    (joking) :p
    take care ukthii
    nice chatting to you
    love you for Allah's sake :) :hearts:
    wallaykum sallam
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