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  • :lol: indian is jus like urdu!!! no difference!! lolz thori si aati ha?? koi baat nahi baat karo jaha tak aap kar sakti ho:D:D:D :lol: no prob about the dish hehheheh
    ok jannu:D:D:D ur a veggieeeeeeeee??:eek: WOW COOL!!:lol:
    AWW ur sooooooo jani sis(u knw urdu a lil bit rite??:D jani means dear incase u dunno:lol:)
    Here's biryani for u!! cuz in india people like spicy things rite;) (i do too:D:D) and i lovvvve biryani:D:D:D btw thnx for the candyy mwah!!!!

    Mashallah sooo SWEET pix my cutey sis:D:D: mwah! love u:D
    Dun worry makin dua fr u inshallah u'll pas with flying colors! make dua fr me toooooo in da same boat....getting tests everyday:( :lol:
    and anyways hope allz fine on ur side???
    take care!!
    BEAR HUG!!!:D:D:D
    ur welcome. i 'm not in universty yet- actually far from it- but i can guess how worried u might be. Study hard sis! :D :hearts:
    Assalam Alaikom
    May Allah bless you and be with you
    Do ur best and depend on him :)
    and yes sure :
    ( the 1st word for male - 2nd 4 female )

    How are you ? = Kayefa haluk \ haluki

    what are you doing ? = matha taf'al \ matha taf'aleen

    but sis , it's in Formal Arabic ( Fos'ha ) , we use it while writing but we dont speak with it .
    for eg , in my area we say : kaif halik , kaif halak ? not as the previous pronounciation .
    Assalamu Alaikom
    Ok honey ,I know its meanings It's " tasbeeh " or praising Allah , but in defferent ways
    I already know its meaning in Arabic bcz am an Arab , but I dont know how to write it in En.

    Sorry , my En isn't perfect .
    Asalamu'alaykum ukhtii :D
    Wa iyyakii :)
    I'm ok alhamdulillaah just getting ready for college :p :D
    InshaAllaah u are well today I hope :)
    May Allaah bless u and ur family
    Have a great day sis!! :D:D:D
    Fi aman Allaah :)
    welll- only a little bit. i can read perfectly, even though i'm a bit slow- but i dont speak it so i can't understand it. lolllllzzzzz
    Asalamau'alaykum sister, how are u? :D
    InshaAllaah well I hope :) Just thought I'd pop by and send my greetings
    may Allaah bless u and ur family, tc :)
    Salam sis:D
    oh wow! its raining there!:D:D nice:D:D:D i loveeee rain!!:D:D:D
    I dont speak arabic sis. And i dont understand it very much. My mother tounge is Urdu:D:D and punjabi both;)
    If u want to learn arabic u can contact sis "KSA_lover" she knows arabic very well mashallah:D:D
    oh and thnkuuuuuuu fr the CUTE hello pic:D:D love love love yaaaaaaaaa:D
    mwah!! and bear hug*****
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