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  • Jzakallah khair sis:D:D i love ya mwah:D:D:D whats up these days? its raining here!:D!!!
    take care sis!
    Alhamdulillah! I'm glad to hear it! hopefully u do good in the other ones- i feel so guilty- i only have homework to do right now- and u have to right exams!:lol:
    whoa- sis- thats a lot! I hope u pass all of them. study hard:D and if u fail one, well u wont, Insh'Allah :)
    k- sis- i will . Insha'Allah u'll pass. btw- what exam is it for?study hard and well all the way through:) lots of luv- salam
    i know- nature is sooooo awsome! isnt it? i love to be outside. it calms me down a lot- in summer i like to go out into the parks with my siblings and cousins- in the late afternoons- almost evenings- sit on a swing- close my eyes- aming the light seem orange- and listening to them playing/shoputing and the rustling of the birchbark trees- SubanAllah- SO amazing. and walking through the birchbark forest is just breathtaking!
    :lol: yeah greaaaaaaaat escape!!!@quizz:D:D:D
    yeah im off to eat soup:D:D its dinner time here...and me off...talk to u 2moro sis!! cuz also have homework to do!!
    a BIG hug and mwahz!:D:D

    ur lil sista,
    Assalamalikum sis!
    im fine how about u? test was fine alhamdulilah. And they didnt take the quizz:D:D:D
    no sis not rite now :D 2moro in school:D....and also an english quizzzzzzz...:D
    make dua:D
    Jzakallah khair sis:D:D
    :lol: i'll call u lavy or hera :D:D anyways i gota go sis...got a chem test:)
    take care!!
    love u fr the sake of Allah(swt)
    mwah nd hug*
    lil sis......
    Im fine sis, life going good alhamdulilah :D, good luck for ur exam. I hope u pass with flying colors ameen. :lol: ur name difficult to remember. Are u a revert?:D
    take care my honey, sugar, apple pie :D:lol:
    Salam sis hw r u? i hope Fit fine :D:D:D
    whats up these days?:D btw whats ur name ? mine is fatima :D:D incase u didnt see my username :lol:
    hug* and take care sweet behna...btw (do u speak urdu)
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