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    Last speech by Bush before we invaded Iraq

    He might be the dumbest person in the world- but he has created more death than what happened during 9/11. He has waged a full scale war on anyone who poses as a 'threat' to him, and obviously, there doesnt need to be any evidence supporting that fact- just a gut feeling of suspicion. They...
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    Bush running for First Election VS. The Bush we all love

    Its true what New Muslim is saying! I am very anti-Bush, but there is a dark veil of fear surrounding anyone who wants to think for themselves or wants to dislike the politics of Bush. Cowardly people begin to say that if you do not support Bush- then you support terrorism. But in my...
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    British Soldiers Beating Iraqi Kids

    Thank Bush. After all- it was the Iraqi civilians he cared about the most. He says the war is for their benefit. Looks like it to me. This is disturbing to me. These soldiers should be PUNISHED. But of course, they wont be.
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    Guatanamo Interrogator squats over Qur'an/FBI records many abuses at Guatanamo Bay

    That is how the Nazi camps started- they were originally used for people who were suspected 'communists' They quickly turned into concentration camps. Do u see history repeating itself?
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    Last speech by Bush before we invaded Iraq

    This is the last speech Bush gave before the Iraqi invasion. My comments are in < >, and as you can tell- Im beyond frustrated. :astag: And so he begins: "We are going to change the regime of Iraq for the good of the Iraqi people. The life of the Iraqi citizen is going to DRAMATICALLY...
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    Iraqi woman deported after trying to visit her son in America

    There have been a number of situations like this here in NYC. Whole families are detained for hours simply for being Muslim.
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    Did you watch the hanging of Saddam video?

    When I watched it I felt a loathing. I think that I have read posts here that reflect my direct feelings: Hang Bush and Blair on December 25. It isnt significant that they hung him on the Sunni Eid-? It isnt significant that Bush obviously knows it was our Eid--the evidence being his...
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    Peace, Propoganda & The Promised Land

    :salam2: Salaam alikoum Mabsoot! Jazak-Allahu Khayran.... :wasalam:
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    Abbas forces get weapons shipment

    That is what they want-shouldnt the people that follow Abbas realize why Israel is so ready to collaborate with them? It is for their benefit!!!! The sooner all the Palestinians are dead and gone the better for them! Palestinians should stop infighting and focus on the real target.
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    Hang Bush and Blair on 25th December 2007

    Im not trying to make you angry child of God, by any means. I too, am North American. I have lived in America all my life. You just admitted it was wrong what happened- that was what I am saying as well. Im giving my view which might sound hateful- but it is to voice the view of a forgotten...
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    new member from holland

    Salaam alikoum sister, Welcome to this site! It's nice to have you here. I hope you had a Happy Eid with your family. Take care. wasalam.
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    new member

    Salaam alikoum sister! Welcome to the site. It's a great place. :) I hope you had a happy Eid. Wasalam.
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    as' salamoalaikom

    Salaam alikoum brother. :SMILY206: :SMILY206: :wasalam:
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    new member

    Salaam alikoum . It is good to have you with us. I love this site and cant seem to stay away from it. Hope you enjoy it as well! My greetings and prayers for you in Palestine.:SMILY206: :wasalam:
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    new to this website

    Salaam alikoum ! It's nice to have you in the site and I hope you and your wife are doing well (inshallah)