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    Greetings from Singapore

    Welcome Assalamualaikum Brother Junaidi, Welcome to this great website..:) :muslim_child: Wassalam Azlina Singapore
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    ~~ Beautiful Hadeeth ~~

    Assalamualaikum to all, Take advantage of five things before five others: your youth before your old age, your health before your illness, your riches before your poverty, your leisure before your work and your life before your death." (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and in Mishkat, vol. 2, p. 651...
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    new member

    :salam2: Welcome to this great website;) :tti_sister: :muslim_child: Wassalam
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    21 beautiful one liners

    thank you for sharing those beautiful, deep meaning 21 liners.. Do share more with us in fututre.. looking forward to it..;) :tti_sister: :muslim_child:
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    Allaahu Allaahu (subhu bada)

    Malaysian Nasheed singers; Raihan... Hope you'll like it..;)
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    a girl from Brazil

    Hope you acquire as much knowledge in Islam as possible Insya-allah..;) Welcome to this great website.. :tti_sister: :muslim_child: Wasalam Azlina
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    Welcome May you acquire as much knowledge as possible in Islam.. :muslim_child: :tti_sister:
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    Why wear Hijab??!

    Nice one.. :) :tti_sister: :muslim_child:
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    Hi Im Taufiq

    Asssalamualaikum I'm from Singapore too.. Welcome to this great website... Enjoy your stay here... :tti_sister: :muslim_child: Wassalam
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    Welcome Welcome to this great website...:) :tti_sister: :muslim_child:
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    Welcome Assalamualaikum Brother, Welcome to this great website.. May you enjoy your stay here.. :tti_sister: :muslim_child: Wassalam Azlina
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    Canadian Catholic Discovers Islam

    Welcome Alhamdullilah, May Allah guides us to the way of jannah(paradise) in the hereafter, Insya-Allah.. :tti_sister: :salah: Wassalam
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    Asallam Alakum

    Welcome Bro, Assalamualaikum, Wecome to this great website.. May you acquire as much knowledge as possible about Islam.. Alhamdullilah.. May Allah guides us the way to jannah (paradise), Insya-Allah.. :tti_sister: :muslim_child: Wassalam Azlina
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    Alhamdullilah Sis.. Assalamualaikum sister, Welcome to this great website.. May you acquire as much knowledge as possible about islam.. :tti_sister: :muslim_child: Wassalam Azlina
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    New Muslimah from NY

    Welcome Sister Welcome to this great website:) Enjoy your stay here..:) :tti_sister: :muslim_child: