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  • Oh good question, erm well, the options are huddersfield, manchester, bradford ((or even kings college)?

    what about you?

    May Allah SWT grant us both success and whatever is best for us. Ameen,.

    The hard part is actually getting the required grades lol
    No got all my references, yes along those lines :) Tbh I havent decided if i really wanna do pharmacy yet.

    What have you applied for?
    Kinda, it's a long story, but applying for pharmacy and the others are bio/chem related.

    Coz once I get my degree, InshAllah, I wanna study Islam. So as long as I get a good degree, I'm kinda waitin on school before I send it off, tomorrow maybe InshAllah.
    asalam alikum akhi :D, u knw bro they closed all game thread because of ME :lol: ..i should be more careful :D

    jazakallah khair :D
    Jazak Allahu Khayra bhai for getting that done. May Allah reward you Al-Firdous and even more. Ameen

    Wa Alaikum Salam wrwb,

    Asslam u Alaikum wrwb brother,

    I am sorry to msg you. Actually I wanted to send this msg to one of mods but noone of them is online at this moment.

    I am basically extremelly frustrated to see the following post

    I absolutely did not understand the intentions of the poster. (Here I am assuming that you can read urdu). Please stay online brother and get this thread deleted ASAP (A Request).

    Jazak Allah brother,
    Salam alaykum
    tell me if i get graduate from Londonmet will i get a good job in a good organization
    i want to talk with you on msn i can discuss all my matters with you :)
    Thank you dear shahbaz i will take a look at these websites and soon i will inform you.Actually i thought london metropolitan is good and easy to get into
    "bachpan mi chadi pehan ke ghoomta phirta rehta tha"
    bro wat we wear when we r lil kid?? we wear short shorts rite :D .. many wear shorts above knees lol ..

    those words mean that u used hang around wearing shorts :D
    Wa alaikum el salam wa rahmatuallah wa barakatuh.

    I agree with you, brother. I think I'm giving up now. Find something better with my time, inshaa allah.

    Assalam alaykum brother shahbaz i want to know from you that what do you say about london metropolitan university? do you think it is a good place for education as compared to other universities i know that it is not of the level like oxford and cambridge.Do you know about its ranking

    Thankyou waiting for your reply
    Salaam Alikom

    Jzaakom Allah khair I logged in to be honest rght now 3 am thinking to translate the Ahadeeth, jazaa Allah khair brother Ayman1 he did better translation and better job, Now all we have t do is to see the product you will design, I wish you tell me how to do it too I would love to know to be honest .... Jazaak Allah in Advance ....

    Also add with the image or the Ahadith the main image which says

    Love the prophet by following his sunnah

    I am sure you will come wit good design inshaAllah

    Or Love him by following

    Again I am sorry for the delay in translating the Ahadith, I just been too busy with other issues in the life just make Duaa for us,

    Wa salaam alikom
    Asslamu Alaikum Bro,
    I apologise for keeping away from all you guys, actullay my job is so hectic these days that i don't have time to myself. I keep visiting this site very rarely and i'm not at all participating in this forum. Anyways you tell me howzit going? Anayways do remember me in your duas in these 10 days which are really very benificial.

    May ALLAH SWT rewward you with the best of both the worlds. Ameen.

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