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    Crazy! I Returned!

    Asalaamu alaykum. So, I've been a member here for going on about seven years now and I still have barely posted. Anyway, I'm here now. Enjoy my company!
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    IMPORTANT :::::: DO NOT THROW GUM on the street :::::: WHY? this is one example

    Regardless of the bird thing, it's still disgusting. Don't throw gum, kids. So common sense says.
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    Salam Alaikum

    Wa3aliakum salaam and welcome to the forums. :)
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    Revert Story: My Muslim Bully

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    MY revert story! (:

    Wa iyyaki sister.
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    I am speechless after seeing these 2 birds.

    Having read this thread. Masha'Allah! I think birds are my favorite animal!
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    Gen's Revert Story

    Ameen, and you too. JazakhAllahu kheyr for your du3as. My Revert Story has also been posted.
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    MY revert story! (:

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    cross cultural marriages

    I'm a revert, and my wife is Somali. Alhamdulillah. Neither of us believe culture is ever a problem, unless PEOPLE make it one. :)
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    Gen's Revert Story

    It's not my story! :) I'm a brother who came to Islam over 4 years ago. Alhamdulillah. It's a revert story submission I had to my blog. But thanks. JazakaAllahu kheyr.
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    Gen's Revert Story

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    **Muslims Did Not Do 9/11 Zakir Naik Giving Facts!!**

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    Sydney Islamic College 2011 Enrolments NOW OPEN

    Anything like this in Melbourne that you know of, Br. Islamic Media?
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    Ahmed Deedat Combat kit

    I LOVE THIs. JazakaAllahu kheyran for the upload brother!!! :D :D :D