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    Is it a sahih hadeeth?

    :salam2: "whosoever dies without participating in an expidition(jihad) nor having intention to do so dies on the branch of hipocracy".(sahih muslim) I read on a video on yout tube
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    Can i follow 2 (madhabs) schools of thought?

    :salam2: hey I m in hurry its isha time here I just wanted to say you are right but if you know all that you have mention above but if the guidance of Allah(swt) is not with you you are misguided man. what about all ullema who can't get into one platform on matters so important for...
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    Can i follow 2 (madhabs) schools of thought?

    :salam2: Brother Quran is a Furqan(The criteria for judging something is right or wrong) so read it reflect upon its verses and it is Allah(swt) who guides and as Allah(swt) says in the Quran,"Whoever Allah guides no one can misguide and whoever Allah misguides no one can guide".Your...
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    Why don't our Gaza people do Hijra like our prophet did?

    :salam2: HEY the are mujahideen and as Allah says in the Qur'an that do not show your back to the enemy. The situation there is different from Makkah.I think it is our duty to save them from the oppression of kufar.And Allah knows best. :wasalam: May Allah save our brothers from...
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    Hadith Authenticity

    :salam2: I read it in the article which the above hadiths is from Masnad Ahmed and it says it is also in sahih bukhari and sahih muslim .The link to the article please click below: but it is in...
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    Hadith Authenticity

    :salam2: I am waiting for your replies :wasalam:
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    Hadith Authenticity

    :salam2: can anybody plzzz tell me the authenticity of the following hadiths Narrated by Abdullah Bin Umar(R.A) said "Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said that there will be a man form ahle-habsh with thin calf who will destroy baitullah and will take all the treasures of it and will...
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    The Arrivals...

    :salam2: Hey read the books on the website they give a better understaing of the end of the world: :wasalam:
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    When to pay dowry?

    :salam2: You can check the this website :wasalam:
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    The Pearl Necklace :)

    :salam2: Amazing and very beautiful story thanks for sharing Jazakallah khairan :wasalam:
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    Isa (as) & Evil Dajjal (the "anti-Christ")?

    :salam2: hey read these books on the following site: It explain the signs of the day of judgment in a more better way. :wasalam:
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    Isa (as) & Evil Dajjal (the "anti-Christ")?

    :salam2: I will be back after offering witr prayer. :wasalam:
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    Isa (as) & Evil Dajjal (the "anti-Christ")?

    :salam2: How can you prove it to us ? :wasalam:
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    Evolution in the light of Islam

    :salam2: Read the book Surah kahf and the modern age a good analysis by sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein .Check the link below :wasalam:
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    playing games????

    :salam2: It increases the hardness of the heart because you play games only to fulfill your desire not to please Allah(swt).Read the article in the thread below it give more details about the hardness of the hearts. :wasalam: