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  • wa'alaikuma s'salaam,

    i'm well alhalmdulillah, how ar eyou sis? i'm just trying to cut back a little on the forums :)
    good night my dear sister, wish you sleep well, i will go bed,i hug you much salam aleikum
    salam dear sister, normal day..i got bored and sad, but nothing bad, hamdullilah..and your day ?
    will pass inchallah, me..here, around the house, i will go a store near to buy some food, my refrigerator is empty
    wa'alaikum asalam sis thanks for the message. how are you? i read previously that you are living in saudi (?) how is life there? my brothers live in saudi. sometimes i wish to live in madeenah, but think it may be too hard with the isolation. how is your health and everything? hope u are well
    I am very happy to hear that...... may Allah help us to make our intentions pure to serve him in all that we do.
    thank you, i love you too :), it is like a home, it helps and i also learn new things
    yes im good balaning home kids housework wiht TTI...its beccome like a second home here,,,esepially with a sweet sister like you
    salam dear esperanza, good morning to you too, hamdullilah, balancing work with islam and TTI..and you ? nice to see you
    Wa alaikim alsalam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh , alhamduliAllah i am fine sister, I hope you are feeling good.
    Salam aleikum dear esperanza, hamdullilah, at work, hamdullilahis warm in office, out is brrr..nice to see you, how you sleeped ?
    I'm feeling sad n depressed too. Just ended a relationship. Sis you can all me on FB if you like...we can talk InshaAllah. :) thanks for the support.
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