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    Sometimes culture and tradition do not always mean correct. If something is loose and does not hug the figure etc then it is modest in my opinion. There are lots of very loose pants that people wear for example in Pakistan and the Pakistani community in the UK.
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    The Arrivals Part 3

    I have not written a book sadly Sister :) However Imran Hosein has all of the books he has written free to download on his site: I may have the details wrong so please forgive me and please research it yourself, but from memory I think after Isa (pbuh)...
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    Hizbullat attacks 3 Sunni Muslim villages in Syria

    Salaam Alaikum :) Please remember Brother, this world is full of lies and deceit, the only way to even start to have a small amount of truth is to read from as many different sources as you can and then try to see what you have gathered through the eyes of the Quran. The conflict in Syria is...
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    The Arrivals Part 3

    There are lots of video by Imran Hosein on this, I think he can do a far better job than me InshahAllah! There will be signs for the last days: I don't thin anyone can give specific details on dates etc, but if you do your research you will know. -...
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    The Arrivals Part 3

    Yes Sister I posted them before this part :) Make sure you watch them in order otherwise they will not make sense, for example it will mention some things that seem confusing but inshAllah by the time you watch part three it all comes together and you understand :) part 1 ...
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    U.N. Rights Panel on Syria Urges War Crimes Charges

    It's a complete joke, corrupt and evil. How long has Zimbabwe been under the thumb of a murderous dictator, the same with Burma and many other nations. But they are not of interest...until natural gas or oil or gold or uranium deposits are found. People say the league of nations failed, but...
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    Walaikum Asalaam Sister, this may help. It starts off about waking but ends talking about wudu also remember
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    The Arrivals Part 3

    It is very long, I think around 2 and a half hours each part, and there are three parts. I would say generally it speaks about the Dajjal and the corrupt nature of modern life, his return and how he will be defeated. But also how we as Muslims need to change and make our deen stronger.
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    Dua Request

    Walaikum Asalaam Sister I will :) You are very strong and brave to make this decision, may Allah watch over you :)
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    how to protect myself from shaytan if im having doubts Increase your deen Brother :) remember that if you feel different, Allah has not moved an inch, it is you who needs to work to be closer to him.
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    The Arrivals Part 3

    Good things come to those who are patient InshAllah!
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    how to protect myself from shaytan if im having doubts

    Walaikum Asalaam Brother, These shows are bad, it sounds like just the usual hidden message to try and say Islam is false. Remember Allah gave Isa (peace be upon him) to gift to be able to breath life into clay birds to turn them real. Isa (peace be upon him) could not do this without Allah...
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    The Arrivals Part 3

    I downloaded them from youtube, it took a while but I am glad I have them saved now because they keep being deleted off youtube. I used: Because it is free, and the creators asks you to download the documentary and share it. Does this help? If not I could...
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    Include me in your du'as

    Asalaamu Alaikum Sister, I will include you in my dua :) If you ever wish to talk about a problem please to not feel afraid to approach me or anyone on here, you are a Sister to us just as much as anyone related by blood.
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    A new member

    Walaikum Asalaam Brother, Welcome to an excellent site!