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  • ya Allah!! ana atamanah an azoor al madinah qareeban- ideelee okay? keef al deerasah? hal andik exams? anna shifit be manamee inne kinit fee al saudiyyah :)

    hal antee taarifee kool al Quran ghayban? atamanah inshaAllah an ihfazo kameelan.

    (afwan arabeetee da'eefah jidan :( )

    ohibik fillah

    ما شاء الله حلوو
    لا مو كل السعودية بدرجة حرارة وحدة المملكة كبيرة ما شاء الله
    هنا بجدة تقريبا 22
    المدينة حلوة أجمل منطقة على وجه الأرض
    سبحان الله أحس فيها براحة غير عن مكة
    هدوء و سلام و طمأنينة
    اشتقت لهاااا الله يسامحك شوقتيني

    إن شاء الله بزورها قريب
    waalaikum asalam, Allah yawafqik wa ya sahil oomoorik, ishtiqtilik :)
    it is snowing here and the snow is very thick, my garden looks beautiful subhanAllah and the snow gives a glow. it is probablly 35 degrees in saudi right :)
    i wish to visit makkah and madinah ya Rubb!! i have a brother who lives in madinah
    السلام عليكم
    أهلين عسوولتي الحمد لله أنا بخير كيفك أنتِ ؟
    كنت مشغولة بالدراسة لذلك لم أستطع التواجد هنا
    ما بالك حزينة و سئمة ؟
    سئمة = bored

    ابتسمي للحياة فأنا هنا :D

    May Allah Ta'ala make this year full of hapiiness, joy, goodness and security of all Muslims and forgive our past sins, ameen.
    Remember the Muslims who are in hardships in your dua's
    Walikumasalam warahmatullah dear sister Hana,
    Ameen to your dua's, wa iyyaki wa barakAllahu feeki. :)
    Allahmdulilah im well sis, shukran.
    How are you and your family?
    I hope all is well with you too. :)
    Ive pm to let you know where i live.. :)
    Wasalam xx
    assalamualaikum sister!! How are you? How's life? Hope everything's well and good in your life :)
    Oops, I wanted to add some more. How are you and how's Pharmacy in the UK and how's the weather now? :D Also, where in the UK do you live? :)
    Wa alaikum el salam sister!! Oh I've always wanted to VM you with something like, 'Asalamu alaikum username twin' or something like that. :D But I never did.. And thank you for inviting me to your Island!! Inshaa allah may Allah grant you one in Jannah El Firdous. :)

    Oh you have an auntie named Maha? Well I have a little cousin named Hana whom I loooooveeeee. And I have family in the UK too. :D

    Life in Egypt is okay. Right now I'm bombared with work for university. Inshaa allah taala after this week it will be better. Only a month and a little more to the holidays inshaa allah. Almost there. :D Btw, I study Pharmacy too. :) And my cousin's wife who lives in the UK works as a Pharmacist. :)

    توني أشوف كلامك هنا
    غريبة مو اسمك ينكتب كذا هناء ؟؟
    هنا .. أحسه غريب كأن معناه here
    هناء أفضل .. مو ؟ :)
    habibti KSA_lover naam ana arabiyya (im sorry i do not have arabic on my laptop) keefik? keef al-hayat fi al-saudiyya? my name is spelt 'hana' without the 'hamzah'
    ana min scotland wa aslee min al-shaam

    keep in touch okay :)
    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    كيف حالك خيتوو هناء ؟

    باين عليكِ أنك عربية صح ؟؟ من فين بالزبط ؟
    بس لقافة بسأل مجرد فضوول :D
    I'm sorry if I ambarrassed you sister you can remove me if u want from the list with no problem!
    all my respect to you
    well all the best to you inshaAllah, remember to do istikhara before taking on any decision. enjoy uni/college while you can as you have so much freedom now, until you get tied to a job or family commitments ;)
    aww thats real sad u hvnt been able to take a day off :( Allah ye3awdeek kol khiir insha'Allah. i am doing A2 in sociology, english lit and history. I am still fillin in my ucas things and am considein to study history in uni insha'Allah :D
    wa enti be Alf see7a wa 3afya Ya Raab :) I am good alhamdulillah but tmrw i got college Argghhh is still eid but i hv to go :( how sad is that
    waalaikum asalam how are you? nice to hear from you habeebti, kul aam wa anti bikhair how was eid for you?
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