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  • lol hahahaha huni youre only 17!!!! your young and have plenty of time and inshAllah you will have a good zawj.. im 25 and no zawj :( feel so lonely at times :( no i dont think anyone was..place was filled with police and fire engines
    Really? :O

    Allahu Akbar!
    Was any one burnt badly? Ive never seen one too.

    Ok habibtii :) Make dua for me pls pls pls, take my name and pray i get a good zawj :D Lol, JOKING! :D

    I'll make dua for you too

    Wassalaam :)
    i hope so inshaAllah :(

    i feel so moody lol.v :D hahaahha! mood swings.. ;) so dont bug me :p joke :D

    yeh sure sis, jazakAllah kahir :)

    dont worry you will still be rewarded because you had the intention of doing so but couldnt. thats ashame i hope everything is okay with you, remember im youre big sis so if you need anything let me know okay, im here for you.
    hey no i cant fast :(

    May Allah accept it from you :)
    Really? Why? Me too tbh LOL, but i ahve my reasons ;)

    waalaikum asalam little sis how r ya. nice to hear from you, ive just been in a major fed up mood past few days. u fasting today? Allah yataqabal (lets c if you know what that means) :)
    wa Alaikum salam wr wb sister:D:D:D

    I am well Alhamdulillah......hope you're too :D
    hun, sure you can:D:D you have been my sister all a long but we just didnt talk i guess:D:D:D
    it's cute.......:D:D:D how the believers are always attached to one another:D all praises be to Allah!:D
    hope u had a good day too hun, thanks for the add and stay in touch:D
    me loves u too for Allah's sake!:D
    okkkiiess take care hana:D:D:D
    i dont know why you havent been getting any messages.

    when i was replying, you sent me a message thinking i was ignoring you but i wasnt. just be patient and give me chance to reply :S
    aaaaaarrwww im glad i did! :)

    I know.. its so not fair innit? :(
    Not everyones like that though :) Like you :D

    anywyas, im good Alhumdulillah :) and yourslef? i hope u feel better :)

    sorry i ment if you DID catch swine flu and you were a healthy adult you would be able to fight it off like the normal flu. we get information on what the symptoms are etc but little information on the drug itself as it is a newly marketed drug i do not know much about it. study hard for your exams and inshAllah you will get into pharmacy
    Sister, I haven't got the flu myself, neither does anyone I know very well (well enough to ask them such questions about it). Actually I'm a student and doing A-levels. Am interested in studying Pharmacy at university, insha'Allah.

    I suppose you're a community Pharmacist, does NHS send you people some regular updates on it or if a Pharm wants to be up-to-date with this all, he or she has to do it themselves?
    okay firstly, there is only one vaccine available in the uk, tamiflu, as you said. as you may be aware local GP surgeries have started to provide the clinics. personally i am not for the vaccine and will not be taking it, many other health workers that i have met including doctors and nurses are not taking the vaccine. i believe that there is little information available and insufficient testing, but that is my personal opinion. if you go to nhs.net or even google 'tamiflu' i thik this should provide some useful information.
    if you are a healthy adult and contract swine flu, most likely you will fight it off like the normal flu and become immune to it. i do not know the answer to whether it is appropriate to newborn children.
    all the best
    Thanks, sister. Jazak Allah khayaran for your time.

    You know, these days there're many debates going on about the side effects of Tamiflu vaccine. I was wondering are there any other vaccines which are being prescribed for H1N1 influenza patients by Drs? Or Tamiflu is the only one? And is this the most appropriate for newly born children? And could you kindly provide some on-line resources which, in brief, give information how the drug itself works in humans.
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