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  • Yes sister you wrote your heart feelings and what you said is correct and i agree it,about the presentation in a nice way.
    Walikumasalam.. sister
    Alhamdulilah i am fine by grace of almighty allah and hope the same at your end.Thanks for the message.I just checked your poem Wake up people and was about to comment on that but then i suddenly happen to see the notification of message from you.The poem was good alhamdulillah.. but the poem about the DEATH few weeks back was super.Alhamdulillah.
    Take care sister jazakallah hu khair
    Abdul Haseeb
    sorella ho appena trovato questo (che conferma cio' che sapevo alhamdulillah):

    Q.137: what is the ruling on piercing the ear or nose of a female infant for beautification?

    The Answer: the correct opinion is that there is no harm in ear piercing because it coincides with the intentions by which permissible adornment with jewelry is achieved. It is affirmed that the wives of the companions used to wear earrings. It is tormenting, but only slightly and if it is done in the early years it heals quickly. As for nose piercing, I don't know of any statement of the scholars concerning it, but in our view it is a form of mutilation and deformation of the body. It could be that others do not see it as so, therefore if a woman is in a country in which nose piercing is considered beautiful or a decoration then there is no harm in it.

    Sheikh Uthaimeen [Majmu' Fataawa ash-Sheikh:4/137]

    taken from the book, Islamic Fataawa Regarding the Muslim Child
    Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah,

    Inshallah, someday I will share the poetry of my baby sister. You writes awesome.
    Writing a poem requires a great deal of time, which unfortunately is not available for many New Yorkers.

    I agree with you on your last point.

    That's why we should try our best to please our Creator rather then the Creation. If our Creator is pleased with us, then inshallah we are successful both in the world and in the akhira.
    On the other end, if we try to please his creation (humans) then we will never be appreciated to the extent that it should really be appreciated.

    But it doesn't mean that we become anti-social. :)
    Mashallah that you are well. UHG! 35 degrees Celsius is hot! I used to work in a microbiology lab and grew bacteria to see how much was in certain foods and I remember how hot 35 degrees Celsius was...that's equal to 95 degrees Fahrenheit here....that's the normal midsummer temperature where I live now. I was talking about the new baby since here in the states, showing off pictures of the new baby is almost expected. :) Have you had an ultrasound yet? As for not experiencing too much pain, there are ways to minimze the pain and help your body to work naturally. None of it requires medication, just lots of inner quiet <meditation, breathing, massage, etc> do research on the "Bradley Method"....I did that with my first "born" and I can tell you that it works.
    Asalaamu Alaikum Dear sister...I'm sorry I've not repied sooner but my days have been fil;led with other things. I'm well and catching up on some lost sleep. I hope you are well and happy and that your baby is doing well... I can't wait to see pictures!
    May the peace and blessing be upon you sister,

    These lines of poetry were not written by me. I happen to read them in 10th grade. They are from a famous poet.

    My baby sister is beginning to write some poems..I thought of sharing them but then completely forgot.
    Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah sister,

    Alhamdolillah I am fine. Jazakumullah khairun for asking. How are you?

    I wanted some one else to translate that for me and also fix it my Urdu. I have been trying to write in Urdu but I often make mistakes. To improve myself, I am beginning to write in Urdu, rather than typing urdu in English lol...

    But no one did so far so inshallah I will do it to the best I can.
    Wel jst wnt to say wht i say to revert frnds "reverts like u r like an eye opener for born muslims like us, u all make us realise the blessings of imaan"

    Alhmdulillah Allah gv u hidayah...:)

    and its my pleasure


    PS- i jst mean to say if u evr need info while dealing dn can ask. Ny way forget dt.
    wa alykum as salam,

    Its my pleasure sister......indeed we ll continue to learn thru the knowledge n experience of each other....... feel free to ask anything abt hinduism ......
    (Do u knw hindi or urdu?)

    May Allah bless u n kp on showering mercy on all of u
    wa salam
    Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah

    I am sorry for mistyping your “not-yet-born” daughter. It seems that you were raged (all caps in the reply lol). My sincere apologies. I hope you will accept because the mistake was unintentional.
    Wa alaikum assalaam sister :)

    Happy to know that u r safe :)

    Enjoy your self in a Halaal way, and keep in touch with us always..:)

    Take care alot of you self :)

    Fee Amanillah sisi...
    Wa alaikum asalaam dear sister..

    Have a safe journey dear.. take care of ur self a loot..

    as long as im here..u r with my duas always Insha Allah

    BE HAPPPPY !!!

    Fee amanilah sisi..
    oh sweet sister :)

    heheh so u r far away from what I study? hehe its ok ..

    But let me repeat.. No matter whether you know the subject matter or not, those kind words are so strong and supportive :)

    I love u my sister for the sake of Allah..

    So .. u r leaving to Morocco.. No matter where you live in this world ..Allah will always protect you. .:) be happy and write me before you leave :)

    Take care aloot

    Salaam be on u too sweet sister :)

    daughter ?? WOOW MASHA ALLAH sooo cute... I love both baby girls as well as baby boys :)

    May Allah bless all of us with peace in both the worlds Aameen

    Oh yes.. My new semester has started few days back.. and work load u knw..

    Thank you so much for those words..where u said u will help me with my studies... thats sooo sweet of you..
    by the way, I am doing a degree on IT.. (Bachelor of Information Technology) Alhamdulillah,,, and if you can help me.. I will be so happy + thankful too

    Take care of your self a lot..

    Fee Amanillah
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