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  • Assalamu alaikum my friend :)

    hope u and ur family is doing good with the help of Allah..

    Just wanted to knock you when I am online :)

    Take care aloot

    FEE AMANILLAH dear :)
    Walykumusalaam habibati :-D....

    jazakAllah khairan for your kind message!..... yeh no ones written me a visitor message because i have come back to TTI after 3 years lol so im kind of new lol..... i registered in 2007 but i never used it! untill last month alhumdulilah
    :-D.... and now absolutley love TTI i come on to the site everyday even if its for 5 mins lol .......

    Take care and keep in touch Asalaamealykum aukhti..... x x x
    My new one:
    Im in love with poetry
    Even though it is hard for me breathe
    and to have rap influence on a boundary
    not just that i want it in a cemetery
    its all I've heard since the days of Elementary
    All it has is confusion and hypocrisy
    blend it in as an illusion of democracy
    the addiction is worse than the lottery
    tellin you to smoke weed with a melody
    As my brothers bleed in a tragedy
    then call yourself a "thug" as a remedy
    I came out after I dug and fought the treachery
    But came back to my love for poetry.

    What do u think?
    Thx in advance ukhti
    Yes darling.. :)

    ur dreams r so pure MASHA ALLAH..

    I'll PM u my Yahoo ID Insha Allah.. just add me there sisi.. :) so that we can talk INSHA ALLAH

    Love u my sister for the sake of Allah Azzawajal..


    I am really flying :)
    Wa alaikum assalaam WR WB sisi :)

    Love u so much for the sake of Allah Azzawajal.. hows every thing with u? take care of ur health sisi.. :)

    yes siter.. plz do tell me what is the group, INSHA ALLAH I will surely join

    Thank u so much for ur love +care..

    FEE AMANILLAH sisi..
    I am good sis and you? thx for looking at it. Yes i wrote it out of sadness and anger. I have a hard time trying to make my poems not sound like a rap. So if u could help me with telling me the difference that will be great thx again
    Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu dear sister

    May Allah reword you as well for making kind duas for me.Alhamdulillah dear sister, I am glade to hear for the sake of Allah, that you have find this place benefical for you,and what is the most importante that you have learned a loot about Islaam and met many Muslims.Alhamdulillah it is usefull for me as well.

    I have red that you are new Muslimah, and I feel very proud on you, mashallah. :hijabi: It bring happiness to my heart always to hear that so many people are accepting Islaam, from diffrent cultures and backgrouds and how Allah is The Greatest,and guides of His Servants Whom He wish, SubhanAllah.

    I aslo hope to meet you dear sister, Inshallah.

    I love for you the sake of Allah only!

    May Allah bless you and keep you under His protection.

    ***When you need it the most, when you think you have nowhere to go .... look yourselfe in the chambers of my soul ...this is your refuge ... if you can not find ... just look up into the sky .... there are clouds of our memories where my soul is resting...****
    Thank you sister !
    yes , you can do it through a PM if you want .
    In sha Allah we can meet when u come here to perfom Hajj or Omrah .
    Oh I see , I pray that they increase and you can see Muslims sisters wherever you go :)
    BismaAllaah Alrahman Alrahim

    I'm spittin rhymes
    everday and everynight
    to crack-open every reason to fight
    no need to search cause knowledge is always in sight
    snitches are at a stage of fright
    So watch me stack the layers of light
    my prayers go to the war against oppression
    My pen is my sword putting lies on a recession
    might as well start runnin cause evil cant stand truth's session
    so im stunnin them into confession
    My poetry can tear every tension
    Now that you mention it there prolly be a lot of rejections
    but that ain't where I'm aiming my attention
    Cause this is only my obligation
    SO lets flip to the next section
    of our lifes lesson
    tho you show this land your crave and affection
    lets see where you stand on the Day of resurection

    what do u think i should improve on this poem?
    Again Wa alaikum assalaam wr wb:)

    Well, darling:) Thanks a lot for ur Duas:)

    Yes when u make Dua plz ask Allah to shower my elder sister first with her life.. she ia waiting to see him :) Make Dua that she should find her husband soon INSHA ALLAH

    And then make Dua that I too should be blessed, but after my sisi :) INSHA ALLAH

    I hope that he is doing good by the help of Allah Azzawajal, no matter who he is and where he is..:)
    Regarding friends.. I have got no guys as my friends hehehe
    So I am sure he is some where :) but not among friends :) hehehehehe

    Any ways thank u so much for passing me some sweet smiles :)

    Take care a looootttt
    Wa alaikum asslaam WR WB


    U r giving me sweet hopes sisi !!!

    he is infront but i cant see !!!! SUBHANALLAH hhehe who knows heheh

    May ALLAH AZZAWAJAL bless u

    Take care a lot
    Wa Alaikom Assalam , hello my dear sister .. I miss you a lot ! No I haven't completed my studies yet , pray for me please :) If u don't mind it would be great if u sent me a photo of him ^ Ma sha Allah that's a happy News ! Congratulations sister ! May God Bless You and Your Children .. It's an honor to be an aunt for the new comer ^_^ I'm not married yet but I know how the great happiness you have when Allah blesses you with children .. May Allah make you always happy , TC dear sister :)
    Wa alaikum assalam wr wb sisi..:)

    ALHAMDULILLAH i am happy that u dropped a msg for me :)

    Just be happy sisi, May u be blessed with Islamic + healthy babies..

    I love babies a looooooooootttt Kisssss to them MASHA ALLAH
    But I HAVE TIME MAN !!!!!! lolzz heheheheheh

    May Allah Azwajal bless me too :)

    Take care sis


    Dearest Sister Hayat84,

    ~May Allah swt blessed upon you
    And Your Family~Amin!

    Take Care!
    ~Wassalam :)
    Wa alaikum Assalaam WR WB..:)


    I love u sister for the sake of ALLAH AZZAWAJAL....

    May you be blessed with a healthy baby...


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