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    :A Very Very Short Reversion story:

    :wasalam:yeah its very true.may WE B GUIDED N MAY ALLAH GUIDE PEOPLE THRU OUR HANDS ,AMEN
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    POWERFUL Recitation by my Friend

    mashaALLAH,very nice,GOD bless him n us all,ameen
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    ===== Rapper CONVERT TO ISLAM ======

    mashaalllah may ALLAH guide us ol,ameen
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    Islamic Questions Game - Trivia.

    It was prophet Hud
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    Islamic Questions Game - Trivia.

    Why was Sayyidina Ali known as Karama Allahu wajh
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    Video 3 year old hafeez- e- Quran, Farah Abdul- Rahman

    mashaallah,may all our children be as righteous as him:ma::muslim_child:very nice and encouraging
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    My Life and Your Life

    MASHAALLAH!may ALLAH reward you !we have nothin to give u back save duas!be blessed always!
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    "Tired of Being Single?"

    thanx 4 sharing,may we be guided!
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    this is my Full story in Palestine, can any member help me ???

    O brother,as for me ,what i can do is only pray for you ,nothing else,may ALLAH help you!ameen
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    Short and Sweet.

    WOW mashaaLLAH!may GOD bless u for sharing such wonderful articles!
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    Ya Ukhty!!!

    oh thanx sis ,sooooooo very much,what a coincidence!i was in the same mentioned conditions few minutes back,but now alhamduLILLAH.may GOD guide n save us all from every afliction and evil in both worlds.
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    I'm so sad...

    INSHAALLAH she will be alright
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    now canada also bans Zakir naik

    inshALLAH ALLAH is with HIM,and may HE protect he who proects and spreads HIS religion.AMEEN
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    The 12th Imam of the Shia is Dajjal?