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    Need to knw dua in Arabic

    Well,I read it as عن عبدلله بن مسعود : (( أن النبي كان يدعو فيقول : اللهم إني أسألكالهدى والتقى , والعفاف والغنى )) رواه مسلم.
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    Need to knw dua in Arabic

    Jaza'kAllah khair When I looked the dua allahumma inni asalukkal Huda wattuqa wal affafa wal ghina;the ghina was explained as "contented heart",but I wasn't sure of that,I wanted to knw the dua other than the literal translation
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    Quran Challenge

    Assalamualikum questions: 1. which surah equals 1/2 of Quran in reward? Answer:surah zilzal 2. which prophet came before Prophet Muhammed (saws)? Prophet isa as 3. of four righteous caliphs (ra), who was not martyred? Answer:Abu bakr ra
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    Need to knw dua in Arabic

    Assalamualikum I wanted to know the Arabic of the dua ,"oh ALLAH grant me a heart that gets contented easily." Jazakumullahu khair
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    To all My beloved sisters...

    amazing!mashALLAH! assalamualikum beautiful video sis...loved it mashALLAH...may ALLAH make us among the righteous women n unite us in jannah...ameen
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    why the saudi royals act the way they act?

    hmm.... assalamulalikum brothers n sisters,saudis,arabs or not we all r humans n we all are sinners..we should always hope n pray that ALLAH bestows his blessings n mercy on us n forgive if other muslims whether saudis or not we r not supposed to publicize their sin,they r muslims...
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    Kullu amantu Bi khair

    taqabALLAHU minna wa minkum wa alikumussalam wa anth bi khair ....taqabALLAHU minna wa minkum may ALLAH accept our fasting,forgive our sins,grant us mercy n make us among the dwellers of paradise...ameen may HE make us among those who remember HIM in happy times so that we can thank HIM...
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    what is your name? what does it mean?

    assalamulikum well,my name is hanan which means mercy or is mentoined in surah MARYAM ..that ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY endowed prophet yahya his pity for all creatures. wassalam
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    Zina (fornication/Punishment)

    assalamualikum brother,i recommend u read tafseer of surah noor,ayah 5to7 mentions what to do if the husband or wife accuses each other of adultery. by the way,ALLAH has made 4 witnesses a must so that there is least doors of doubt open n solid fact is there when they stone a certain person...
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    eid mubarak...

    assalamualikum brothers n sisters in islam,eid mubarak to u all...may ALLAH accept all our good deeds done especially in month of ramadan...may HE make us among the ones HE saved from the hellfire...may this ramadan help us to strengthen our iman n increase our taqwa..inshALLAH..may HE bless...
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    =( need dua

    :wasalam: for a muslim every pain he endures his sins r forgiven jus like the leaves falling from the tree....i 4got the accurate hadith but its content is somewhat like this.can ny sis or brother quote the hadith if they know it...anyway, may ALLAH cure u n give u good health so that u can...
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    MUST READ: Common Mistakes Made During Ramadan

    assalamualikum may ALLAH reward u sis....:ma: thanks 4 this beneficial article....may ALLAH make among those whose sins are forgiven n are saved from the hellfire..ameen include in prayers sis wassalam
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    I need everyones opinion on this

    amazing!keep it up.....:ma:
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    Jacob and Michael...interesting!!

    assalamualikm mashALLAH! that would be great....may ALLAH make us firm in HIS path till we meet him ameen...
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    assalamualikum awesome poem sis!may ALLAH guide all our children to the right path,i hope n pray they make us proud in this world n hereafter by preserving their deen to the best of their ability...ameen