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    Why 9/11 is NOT a conspiracy theory! My proof this video

    Your implying that the Pakistanis are incapable of committing such crimes. But if you look historically, specifically Bangladesh you'll see the same or more amount of violence, mass destruction was meted out on people there. Not to forget the large number of rape cases. All of this was inflicted...
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    Why 9/11 is NOT a conspiracy theory! My proof this video

    Your trying to make it sound like the Pakistanis are not capable of doing whats been mentioned on the news. But historically, specifically in Bangladesh where they committed similar levels of destruction and mass murder and the countless number of rape cases inflicted on fellow MUSLIMS. They...
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    What are we supposed to do when our lands are taken from us by force?

    In that fatwa the Shaykh said that a foriegner Muslim needs permission from his parents. But for the inhabitants of that land Jihaad is there
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    Protesters burn US flag outside embassy in london

    I wanted to ask about that...people who take everything as ghanima..and Justify it because this is Darul harb... What evidence do they use?
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    In desperate need of help for my sister

    ^ I thought you said you will leave the thread. hmmm
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    ABU TAUBAH arrested by FBI

    I just hope hope that he is not forsaken by the American Muslim community like Tarik Mehanna was. Even though Tarik was not proven guilty, But the whole media frenzy made a few Muslims condemn him. no names will bementioned. And I live - now - near Central london
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    ABU TAUBAH arrested by FBI

    The Americans seem more Islamaphobic than the Europenas (specifically talking about the Brits)
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    where is brother dawaah

    Oh give my Salaam to bro Ayman too. He was talented in Arabic. Very talented
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    The Kufr of Harry Potter books.

    Im a huge Harry Potter fan.
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    I have read that photo taking and filming and cameras is not allowed in Islam but are

    This culture of refutation is so sick. Seriously with all that hate in your hearts towards your fellow Muslims how do you build upon spirituality? And these people they havent spared anyone; Shaykh Muhammad Hassan, Shaykh Ali Hasan Halabee, Abdullah Azzam Bro Abu Usamah, Dr Bilaal Philips...
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    Koran By Heart - Trailer

    majestic zpO-a8AIz7M
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    Are the London Riots about Class Warfare Poor vs Rich ?

    Thank you, everything you said corresponds to what I said. More cruel, "They should blame their stupid ignorant parents." ( My post) They have to work for the jobs. The education system is free, its a level playing field. But these pathetic pampered human vermin have no knowledge, no morals...
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    Are the London Riots about Class Warfare Poor vs Rich ?

    Because I live here. The rioters were common criminals with selfish desires. It has nothing to do with the economic status. As a matter of fact, there was a middle class girl who was caught on camera doing the deed; an 11 year old stealing a bottle of wine from Iceland (oh the poverty). As...
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    Are the London Riots about Class Warfare Poor vs Rich ?

    Its not about poor vs rich. The rioters are like rats who poo in their own nest. They have no jobs because they`re inadequate, have no morals, no backbone, no intelligence, no knowledge and cant be trusted. They should blame their stupid ignorant parents not their lack of opportunity...
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    Beaten black and blue - The story of Khadijah Assalamu alaikum, Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Whilst many are mashaAllah donating abroad during this blessed month, little do we realise that a sister right on our doorstep is suffering... Abused. Beaten up by her husband. Isolated. Struggling and emotionally distressed -...