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    pics of assamese dishes

    as salam walaikum some of the pictures of assamese dishes....assam is a state of india located in north east part of india... Elish fish curry
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    Jelly Ring cake

    ok..... allah hafiz..
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    Jelly Ring cake

    if i get the oppurtunity to visit makkah and medinah then i surely pray for you..and if you visit then dont forget to pray for me... ok sister i have to go now its Iftar time...
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    Jelly Ring cake i really want to visit makkah and madinah
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    Jelly Ring cake

    ok..i really want to go to saudi arabia..... do you know any arabian dish..
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    Jelly Ring cake

    that's a good idea...
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    Biryani for Many...

    as salam walaikum.. it sounds really tasty and mouth watering....i will ask my mother to try this mother cooks biriyani but not in this way... anyways.thanks for such a great recipe..
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    Jelly Ring cake

    ok..prepare it and then tell me howz its taste..
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    Jelly Ring cake

    absolutely...right.. but if microven is smaller in size then you have to make it 2 times.
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    Jelly Ring cake

    as salam walaikum... for 8 people..double all the ingredients...
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    Egg less and Sugarless cake :-

    as salam walaikum.. this recipe is basically for the people who have diabetics problem or who donot like egg..others can also try it.. Ingrdients are – i. Semola – 4 Tablespoon ii. Flour – 4 Tablespoon. iii. Refined oil – 8 Tablespoon. iv. Liquid cheese – ½ Teacup. v. Milk – 1½...
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    Any one cook with Ghee

    as salam walaikum... ghee is not at all good for contains trans fat in large amount and also lots of calories...which may cause heart problems and increase in blood pressure.. So, avoid ghee use olive oil..but too much of olive oil is also not good...
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    cake decoration

    as salam walaikum you have got so much of patience to decorate the cake....i don't have so much of me it should suit my taste buds.. my mother and her sisters have got lots of patience to do all this stuffs. you are really creative...
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    Jelly Ring cake

    as salam walaikum For a Jelly Ring cake without oil – Ingredients are – (i) Egg – 4 (ii) Flour – 8 Table spoon (iii) Sugar – 8 Table spoon (iv) Jelly – ½ cup (v) Cardamom powder – ½ Tea spoon (vi)...
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    new entry

    as salam walaikum.... welcome:muslim_child::SMILY149::SMILY206::jumpclap::laughing-dancing::wavyarms::SMILY34: Ramadan Mubarak...