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  • alhamdulliah i am fine..can't complain dear sis
    oh si si know what you mean..i too have summer classes..Now i am like why did i take them:D:D
    we will both party after we are done:D:D
    things are great..just waiting for Ramadan inshallah
    you too take care honey bun
    love you for the sake of ALLAH
    Asalam alaikum wr wb my sis
    where are you sis?I am missing u alot
    how are you?
    i hope everything is fantastic on your side
    big giant hugs
    inshallah talk to you soon
    walikum salam wr wb
    Hunni bunni wats up...? Hmmmmm i really hope u dont imagine me with these goofffyyy incisors loOoOoll, cos i aint *repeat* aint goofy... i had braces for like 2 years man :p hehehehehehehhehe

    My teeth are ad perfect as they get *hahaah*
    god who am i kidding :D :p heheheheheh

    Love u always hunni bunni :D
    take care dearest

    love u always
    x x x
    wassalaam :D
    walikum salam my
    yes alhamdulliah everything is okie dokie here...
    oh lol...really?
    i thought everyone might be on vacation rite now so whenver i tell them i am studying..they are like so am am like :eek:..
    well inshallah talk to u soon dear sis
    gotta go...
    take care
    love u soooooooooooooooooooooo much for the sake of ALLAH
    jazakAllah khayran.. i read a thousand splendid sunshine.. ya it was nice.. but i havent read the kite runner, just the begining few pages..
    alhamdulillah things are fine:D.. glad to hear from you.. im from Afghanistan.. we'r from countries that seem to be at war..
    waalaykumsalam sis. im fine alhamdulillah. how are you? ya things are ok. i hope they'r ok with you too:) ? havnt seen you around this days..btw where are you from? if you dont mind ofcourse.
    Assalamu Alykum!

    alhamdulilah all is well ukthii! :D :D :D
    wats uppp?? well...nuffin much really....i have a six week placement from school so im kinda like back home late and then i have madrassa and i get soooo grumpy! Lolz!

    but alhamdulilah its all worth it in the end...(i thought i'd give you an insight into my life!)

    watts up with you ukthiii???

    Abu Hurairah!

    Wa Alykum Salaam :) :)
    Assalamu aleykum!

    wohoooooo! soo nice to be back!
    alhamdulilah I am good! Busy Busy Busy nowadays as you can probably guess by the timing of this message! do forgive me... :D

    haha your sick of college? looool tell me of someone who isnt?? :D :D Lolz!

    take care

    Wa' alykum salaam warahmatulalhi wabarakatuh!
    Wa'alaykum salaam!!!! :D:D

    woooo hoiooooo.. i signed into TTI after some time and i am soooooooo happpiii to se your sweet msg on my wall :D jazakAllah khair :)

    everything is urmm ok i guess.. just got a really bad flu n headache n stuff :(
    pls pray for me

    u take care to my dearest sis.. sowwii i mean my hunni bunni funni sunni :D
    Asalamu alaykum

    Alhamduliah! i'm doing great too jazak ALlahu khayra for asking:)

    :wasalam: my sweeto
    alhamdulliah i am summer vacation this year..i finish on aug 20 and college starts again sept 8 inshallah
    nothing much sis..just enjoying time with family and eating :SMILY346:
    so how are you and whats up with u?
    inshallah everything is okay on your side
    take care:hearts:
    my hunni bunni funni sunni tunni monni.............
    Asalamu alaykum

    How are you doing ukhti? hope you are in good health and iman:D SMILES!:):):) Take care::hearts:

    walikum salam my dear sis
    oh sis..u r making me blush..i am sweet ..well u r
    nothing much sis..studying and spending time with family..since they have holidays but i don' i am studying..
    whats up with you sis?
    i hope everyhting is okay on your side..
    take care sis
    love u tons even more than a ton...
    u r my sweet hunni bunni..:hearts:
    walikum salam
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