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  • Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullah,

    I agree with you. Everything has a context, which should be read and kept in mind while reading or replying to a specific issue.

    I have posted the detailed response underneath that thread. The video could be found in reply # 7 and talks in dept about this issue.

    The direct response could be found between 1:26:35 to 1:35:00 for detailed response.

    Assalamo alaikum sister,

    I didn't want to be a part of the discussion on that thread therefore i thought to share it with you here.

    The issue of initiating the Islamic greeting of "Assalamo Alaikum" with non-muslims is debatable.

    In short, (as i will give the fatwa some other time) you are allowed to initiate this peaceful greeting. Not only that you are encourage to promote it.

    I posted this message initially on sister asja wall. Now sharing it with you.:)

    May Allah guide us to Sirate-Mustaqeem. And may Allah refrain us from declaring what is halal (allowed) as haram (forbidden) and vice versa. Ameen

    Hi to you too. Seems you have finally found that smilie site I have used...

    :salam2: Sorry to bother you but regarding the thread that you made, "Can someone be Muslim without following Islam?" The answer is yes because there are a lot of Muslims who are Muslim by name but don't practice Islam but it doesn't mean that they are not Muslim, it just means that they do not practice the faith. If that makes sense.
    Well I'm not sure who's active right now/these days... Best off posting the link on a sister mods VMs, ideally one who's been around lately.

    eemmm!!! I'm scratching my head...I didn't...lol!!! I think u were just kidding...
    Nopes no updates yet...Hoping for the best, do pray for me...
    Take care and keep smiling :)
    Assalamualykum dear sis,

    Hope you are in the best state of your physical and spiritual health, Just saw ur profile so thought of dropping a msg..!!

    Do remember me in your precious du'as and yeah hope you remember about my Admission in King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia so please do pray for that too...
    Jazak-Allahu Khairan
    Yes, it is the practice as taught by Prophet SallAllahu Alleihi Wa Sallam to praise Allah azz zawajal before starting to address an audience. Also we send the blessing on the Prophet, his family and companions in addition. This is common practice. True
    Oh nice.. I mean to see that lecture by br Kamaal as well. He is one of my faves and very well spoken (and has infective sense of humor). I try to listen/watch to all of his material.

    In the beginning after kissing the little kid (ain't he nice..) he is exchanging some greetings with his audience sitting at the front.. It is hardly audible.

    Then he greets everyone with 'Salaamalaykum waa rahmatullahi'. Then he begins in the name of Allah and he invokes Allah's peace and blessings upon Muhammad SallAllahu Alleihi Wa Sallam and his companions.. Then 'I proceed'.. then everything is in English.. Ramadan Mubarak and rest of the lecture..

    In the 'young kids at mosque' thread, could you remove the quote in your post. Most likely, the brother's post is going to be moderated, but it is going to remain quoted in your post.

    I used '....' in my post to censor it out. Perhaps you could do the same.. Thanks
    Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh sister Jenniffer (my bad for the late reply, just wasn't in a good mood this week, but Alhamdulillah, everything's alright now), how's everything? Inshallah Ta Alla, everything is going well for you.

    "The second link you sent me I will not watch because of the author....has labeled him a terrorist and so....I will not watch his lessons...."

    I'm sorry sister, I didn't know that you felt that way, please forgive me.

    Sister, I was wondering, would you ever consider becoming a Muslim? And if not, then what would the reason be?
    [I hope you don't feel like I'm trying to pressure you or anything, but as a Muslim, I just want whatever is best for you [which is to Testify and have firm Belief in Allah (SWT) and in the Risalah (Prophethood) of Muhammad (SAW)].


    Jazkumullahu Kyran wa, Wa Barakallahu Feek.
    Wassalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaathuh.


    hope you are good.

    i just thought i'd answer you Questions whilst i can. . .i'm afraid i don't have referances, i didn't get the chance to search for them.

    About khol and eyeliner. Both are allowed when used for beauty purposes. Zeenat(beauty) is for girls and it's allowed.

    both are not permissible in front of non mahrams for obvious reasons.

    HOwever, when one applies eyeliner she has to remove it when performing wudhu. Incase of Khol it's not required (if kohl is what i know as surma). As eyeliner makes a layer over the skin, which doesn't allow water to pass trough. Khol(if surma) is a black powder and allows water to pass through. so wudhu performed is valid if khol is applied. And Allah knows best.

    hope this clears the confusion.

    About your other Question, please view akhi ayman's reply on my profile(when he replies lol) Inshaa'Allah.i may not be able to answer you Questions again...If you are still confused,,,BII is the cure lol!!

    take care!stay happy.

    i'll miss u.
    You seem to know a lot about islam...., probably no one visit this site more than you do and you answer to questions posted by muslims when in fact you are non-muslim. Why dont you take the next step which is the shahadat.

    You are a living proof that When Allah misguide someone, no one can guide him/her(This is even after you read many ayat of quran but still am a non-muslim).

    Im sure the brothers and sisters here would love to call you a sister in islam and of course this can only be done when you say the shahadat.

    If it seems im rushing into things then im sorry, but the above is a serious and sincere advice.

    "there is no compulsion in religion" Laa ikra feedin (Quran2:256)
    For curiousity sake:
    Do you actually read and contemplate whatever you posted?
    Because if you did, and you are still a non-muslim, then there must be something wrong......
    I'm not sure where on thefiks.org those broken links are located... I'll inform the brother who posted so he can rectify (inshaa' Allaah)
    Lol! See that's what happens when I get distracted! It's clear now! Sorry about that lol!
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