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  • I am in tears sis!! subhana'Allaah
    I was just reading a post of yours (reply to Tom) and I am speechless......juust thought to say "thank you for being sooo KIND" you're indeed unique in soo many ways, and I admire your strength!!
    again thank you....:)
    Hello Jennifer,
    It pleases me so much to see you here on TTI , I haven't been on much lately but I'm trying to catch up with every one, your contribution is very good as you give advice based on our religion, it brings a smile to my face, I hope you enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you.
    Take care
    We Muslims don't bow to one another, we bow only for Allaah. Bowing is considered an act of worship which of course, should only be for the Creator and not the creation.
    hehe sister, "not too offensive" pahlease gurl, you were not offensive at all!! in fact I juts love your honesty :)
    Native American beliefs....can you tell me more?? or gimme a link I can read on that. I thot native Americans just sorta connected with the world.

    And that life goes on, like you're reborn and stuff after you die. I am serousely asking to learn, I might as well be familiar with the belief than not :)
    :lol: driving men INSANE!!! hahah dontcha just LOVE that!!!! :p:p:p
    that Hijab can be of so much use since winter is coming and they're expecting it to be ALOT more colder than the previous winter. hehehe
    salam 'alikum sister JenGiove,thank you for your post,I hope to make a good journey and to have new words to write...And about you,I hope from my heart that you'll embrace Islam and take Shahada as I did,it is the best experience of the life.
    salaam to you too sister <3

    hehe, I respect that ! :) I have been looking at your posts....( I was not stalking you tho :p)

    but I agree with what Munawar said on that post.....you seem to be flowing with the Muslim crowd :D

    I respect your reasoning am soo glad I have not offended you...pheww !
    well, stick around alot more, I think we like having you around here hehe,

    thanks for ur reply and for saying that!! :)
    be well, stay happi, keep the smile on!! :D:hearts:
    hey, just a quick question,

    you seem to know more about islam and learning. I was just wondering *whats stopping you from embracing Isalm??* I mean there must be something that is making you not want to join this religion??? dont get me wrong, I am just wondering, hope I dont offend you, if I do, then PLS forgive me :)

    OKIES, see ya around and keep rocking those wonderful Islamic words:D:D:D
    *waves a salam* :)
    Thanks. Here is now still +1 degrees outside. Cup of hot coffee might be good idea... and also I wouldn´t say no to some cookies too. :)
    Heyya Jen,

    Hmm...write as in words and letters? I'm not sure -- there's certain online Arabic keyboards though, and there must be some freeware with that, but I dont know if any if you plan on writing by hand.

    If you do come across any do let me know! It may come in handy for me as well =D
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