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  • wa alaikom assalam
    it's a veryyyy looong time :( I'll miss you sooo much
    May Allah protect you my dear ^
    sobhanallah ukhti good to see your VM:)i'm fine alhumdulillah.oh!!:(sis you are going.....i'm going to miss you too sisi:(comback soon okay!!!:(i'll pray for you inshallah
    that's sso swee of you,,ameen to your duas:)
    may ALLAH give you and your family janna alfirdous.ameen:)
    missing you already:(
    tc :wasalam:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    Assalmau allaicum my beloved sister.

    Alhamdulilah, me and my family are fine. I hope Inshallah you all are also well, with mercy of Allah. I will miss you too very much dear sister,and I pray Allah keeps you safe during your yourney and that you come back soon- :hijabi:

    I will not forget you,and you also please do not forget me and others brothers and sisters.And come back soon Inshallah. :tti_sister:

    May Allah keep you and your family under His Protection.ameen.

    wa allaicumu salam
    My sweet sister............. May Allah keep you safe and make your journey safe. Aameen. My Dua's are always there for you :tti_sister:

    I'l miss u alot:SMILY23:, but Insha Allah you will come again:SMILY259:

    I love you dear....
    Waalaykummusalam wa rahmatullahi dearest sister,
    InshaAllaah I will keep you in my dua'a. And dont forget to keep us, our Ummah in your dua'a as well.
    Regards to your dear family. And hope you have a safe journey. I'll miss you too, but remember that we Muslims always connect with each other through our heart and dua'a. :)
    Elalliqa. Maa's salamah.
    awww sister i wish you a safe trip INshAllah! We'll miss you here and miss all your posts we see here and there. InshAllah you are in our prayers. We won't forget you :) May allah protect you and your family. Ameen!
    wa 'alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah, we're good alhamdulillah, I pray the same for you and your loved ones :inshallah:

    Remember me in your duas too ukhti - especially as you travel, as Allaah accepts the dua of a traveler!

    Ameen to your duaa's, May He also keep you in his protection and safely bring you to your destination =)
    Wa alaikumussalaam sister......
    May Allah make your journey happy......:hearts::hearts: I will Insha Allah pray 4 u......
    I will Insha Allah never 4gt u.......
    I will miss you too.........:SMILY23:
    Assalamu alaikum dear sis how r u and ur family hope u and ur family r also fine! My dear sis im going for 1 or 2 months out of the city i will be offline i will miss u sooo much dear sis plz keep me in ur dua's sis i really need them!See u soon!May Allah always keep u and ur family in His protection Amin!plz do not forget about me!
    awwwww sister that's sooooooo beautiful...........ILOVvaeu toooooooo:hearts::hearts::hearts.jazakallah khiara for your VMs really made me happy to read them
    and the card is awesome:D

    sorry for the late reply sis-had some problems to deal with..........well all are done and dead now:)-except for my tests:(

    hope you are enjoying your life and imaan:)

    tc!!and keep me i your duas:)

    Alhamdulillah I'm fine.............. How about you?, Hope you are doing well. May Allah bless you. Keep in touch
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