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    i'm depressed and don't know what to do anymore

    :shymuslima1:I am really sorry to hear all this, Inshallah u manage to get on with these problems, and i hope that one day u and your wife will remember all this and start laughing. TRy to learn from these problems, so next time(hopefully there will be no next time) u will know what to do :))
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    Overwhelmed with school

    :( i think yes.. i am in highschool too and i fell the same way, wednsday morning is math test , at evening english classes, thursday test at history, friday informatic, saturday is excelence center at anathomy ! and sunday i have to learn for mondayy :D i have no free time and i hate...
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    Big bang day is tomorrow, 10th September 2008!

    They keep trying to predict the end of the world, but no one knows when this will come except Allah(swt) . And i aprove with what the other brothers said , that these money could have been used to more important things, like helping people in Africa
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    wa aleikum salam, welcome to this site, u won't regret , TTI is da best :D i visit more websites but i always,always turn around and come to TTI >:D<
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    SMOKING !!!

    wallahi :( i don't smoke cigarrs and probabily never will, audubillahh,, with every smoke we hurt one more filistin kid, :( !!
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    who are you? :)

    16/f/borned and living in romania, but i am orginally from syria in 5-10 inshAllah , if Allah(swt) will give me this years, i wanna be in university and after i finish i plan to make a family :">
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    Days Till School Finishes

    finished on 16 june, hamdulallahhh! :) :P and don't wanna hear about school too soon ! how nice world would be without school ,mashallah, no wakin up at 7 in the mornin, no math or info teachers, would be like heaven!!
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    ** small are the humans?! **

    :girl3::girl3:from what i see in the third picture, we will soon get burned :( auzubillah, we have to do smth to stop global warminnngG!
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    Say Something Nice about (or to) the person above you ..

    i don't know the person above me, but he is very young and very religious in the same time, not smth u can find at any corner!:hijabi: hamdulallah
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    A Christian Approached me

    tell him that u ar an happy muslim too, and that u felt very good discovering islam ! send him all blessings from a muslim, and then P.S. give him some threads from tti that talk about misconceptions in islam
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    i'd like to live in malaysia , in kuala lumpur, i don't know anything about how to recive the citizenship, but i hope it's not imposible. p.s. or dubai!
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    Video My story of converting to islam: My name is Leanne now i am known as Zayna

    mashallah sisterr!! your storyy is soo soo beautiful! even looks like a fairytale, i hope Allah(swt) will give u even more beautiful things , and maybe He will make your parents to accept islam , inshallah! I'm very happy to hear such beautiful stories, thx for sharing with us
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    Ariel Sharon

    i hope he will recive his punishment .. as someone said before, for every women, child, man from palestine. He deserves it soo much.. i will never forget the videos from youtube , where inocent ppl were harmed and killed !
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    what is the ideal wife/husband you wish to marry ?(only for single)

    what i would chose i a husband to be a good muslim but not exagerated, to be a man that cares about me and our family, i want him to know how to manage things , to be realistic , but still romantic , and i want him to share his thoughts with me , and trust me . maybe i want too much.. i know...
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    photos from the uae .... صور من الامارات

    thaank u !>:D< , yep , truly expensive !