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  • Oh sweet sister,I miss you too ,hope you're doing great and everything is oK.
    Wish you happy and blessed Ramadan.
    wa 'alaykum salaam wa ramatullah

    Ah lol... I'm alright alhamdulillah >>> Very Tired <<< but otherwise well. lol... that's cute, 'class buddies' subhanAllaah who whoulda thought.

    I won't be around till probably tomorrow night-ish since I'm travelling (and totally missed a lot of classes) but yeah hopefully see you around. <3 <3
    LOL- joker! Did you get bitten yet?

    Come on sis, you're 21 I just turned 20 not long ago..
    You see, they were chicks at first and they were tiny and I didnt mind them in my hand, but now they grew quite a bit and I stay away from them. They follow me around when I go put the washing on the line and the neighbours think Im odd because I say stuff like 'NO! You must NOT enter the house!' and 'Stop following me!' Lol. Good times. ;)

    PS: Are you 21 yet?
    Lool- couldnt help it! Hhaha- you didnt change one bit and I LOVE it ;) That's my Israa-rrr lol

    How many chickens sis? :eek:
    I like chicks but chickens can be scary at times.
    When I saw your name as the last poster in that random rants thread in the sis section, I just knew you would say something related to my post. Lol!

    And yep chickens for real.

    Wa-salaam *!*!*!
    You are so elusive. So so so elusive. You know whats odd about you though I remember so vividly pretty much every conversation we've had, or the crazy stories we've exchanged. Really odd.

    Just proves I genuinely love you loads. Im really busy these days, please remember to make du'aa for me, in Ramadaan too, Ill do the same for you.

    I will call you. And we will meet. InshaAllaah.

    EDIT: Oh yeh we got pet chickens instead :rolleyes:

    :O Israaaa no way you're getting a kitten?! lol for real? I think they're adorable, but as a Zubayr?? Well I guess it could be odder ... I once knew a cat named Hurairah

    AH this was meant as a post to Libby at first though, I got sidetracked lol <3 <3 <3 missing you ukhtiii, I havent spoken to you in quite a while =( I'm becoming a hermit

    No really, us missketeers should get together again sometime, discuss your marriage some more yknow ;) hehehe ... ok ok I'll stop before I create misunderstandings

    Hope you're taking care darling, ttyl inshaAllaah

    I know its cool utterly cute would it be to call a kitty Zubayr :p ..

    Ok ok im being all icky sweet about kittens ..somethings wrong with me :confused:

    Chuck me some more names and I'll consider, but yknow, the names gotta ''cut it''
    OOOOOH you're getting a kitten!
    NOWAY- you're gonna kill the name ukhtaah lol- Zubayr, such a cool name :p
    When I get my kitten, I know his name is going to be Zubayr:| ..I don't know why :confused: its just stuck now.

    Subhnallaah, i'm wayy behind!
    Mashallaah tabarakallaah ukhtii, that's awesome: you will Have to tell me all about it inshallaah.

    Nah, but if both of you are on it, then i might as well myself one.
    Lol Libinette youre a year behind!

    Pak etc was the summer before the one that just past. This summer I went 'Umrah instead we really have not spoken in such a longgg time.

    Me an samiha were thinking to get the three of us on skype ..:)

    Dude ...can you delete the below comment? ...ill discuss all of that stuff with you on the phone :p ..

    Lol @ physical me/spiritual me ...sigh erm Im more worried about the latter than the former! :(

    InshaAllaah you have a skype account?

    PS whats with Umm zubayr? ...:D ..something youre not telling me? LOL
    Where on earth? :p ..if only you knew ..alhamdulillaah ala kulli haal I suppose it could be worse.

    Hows Uni?

    Is your number still the same? Mine is, miss call me when you're free! In the evening, not Friday evening cos Im normally travelling at that time and Sunday evenings I travel too, any weekday evening miss call me and I'll call you!

    Hibbuki fillaah :SMILY252:

    PS I was gonna cry when I posted the message too ...:girl3:
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