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    :Am I changing unusually?.:

    :salam2: I appreciate the way you are changing yourself to get closer to Islamic way of life. InshAllah Allah will guide you further. As can be seen others may find it unusual but for you it is what is right as per your knowledge of Islam. I too find no pleasure in showing off things...
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    :salam2: For all those who want to get scolarship for studies should do the following: 1. Contact the intended college if they give you any favour by reducing any fee. 2. Contact British Chevening scolarship for commonwealth or foreing countries. 3. Contact the Higher Education...
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    :salam2: I appologize for delay in answer. Yes the rules have been changing swiftly in the UK for the migrants. There is 10 hours maximum working allowed for those who are below degree level and 20 hours for those who are on degree level. The fee is also increased for visa application...
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    :salam2: Well students are still welcomes in the UK but the criteria has been tightened even more in the areas of the English Language Ability requirement and Sponsoring the dependents. :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Dear brothers and Sisters, with the recent changes in the UK immigration rules and regulations it might affect the new comers from the overseas to this country while at the same time those who are already here on limited leave might find it difficult to get their extensions or...
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    Perfecting One's Character

    :salam2: MashAllah Jazakallaho Khairn for sharing this beautiful post. I was in need of it. :wasalam::hijabi:
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    Whoever wants to know his future

    :salam2: Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "Whoever wants to know what Allah has prepared for him, should look to what he has prepared for Allah." (Abu Nu'aym, al-Hilyah. Silsilah as-Saheehah, #2310) Commentary: What a beautiful, simple formula to calculate one's future...
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    Hope you stop by my mind

    :salam2: Brother I pray for your easiness in Deen and Life. If you want a break then thats alright but dont leave posting on here. Every one has different level of understanding and it may happen that person of your calibre and intellect may be misunderstood by others. When I do Dawah and...
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    :salam2: Sister May Allah Subhanahu Wa Tala ease your situation and reward you abundantly for your efforts and for all that you are going through Ameeen. Sister the prayer (Peace be upon Him) is not used for Allah Ta'ala but for Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. :wasalam::tti_sister:
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    :salam2: Alhamdolillah... Allah Subhanaho Wa Ta'ala has enabled you to do your Shahada in Mosque. :wasalam:
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    I'm a new member in this very beautiful forum

    :salam2: Welcom to the forum Blessed Heena.:muslim_child: May you find your journey full of knowledge and blessings Ameeen. :wasalam::hearts:
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    :salam2: If a person fasts on Friday. Is it necessary for him to fast on saturday as well? I have heard that there is a hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) telling to fast on mondays and Thursdays. But what if a person did not fast on Thursday but on Friday. So my friend says that it is...
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    The expression"The rest is up to Allah" is not correct

    :salam2: How correct is it to say, “I have done my best and the rest is up to Allaah”?. Praise be to Allaah. This expression is not correct, because it means that the one who does that is relying upon himself first of all. Saying, “I have done my best and I ask Allaah for help” is...
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    Muslims going to Jannah after punishment

    :salam2: I am forced to think to myself how ungrateful we are as muslims that we dont realize that we are born muslims and if we had an atom's worth of faith in us we will be admitted to Jannah after purification through punishment in Hell fire. I sigh for my non-muslim brothers and...
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    Ways to Acquire Good Characteristics

    :salam2: Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: A good attitude is the characteristic of the best of the Messengers and is the best action of the righteous. It is – no doubt – half of religion, the fruit of the efforts of the pious and the practice of the devoted worshipper. Bad characteristics...