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    How to grow a proper beard?

    I would like to add that along with growing a beard, make sure that you keep it tidy. That is not to say that you need to be trimming it regularly, but u should comb it, take care of it just like hair on your scalp, and occasionally apply oils/conditioners to it. I have seen many people...
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    Ghamidi at his best

    Hold on please, I think you are confusing the famous Qari: Sh Saad Al-Ghamidi ( and (with Javed Ahmad Ghamidi ( Yes both have the same last name, but they are two completely different persons. May...
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    Heart Melting Recitation

    MashAllah! How is the qari??
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    The divided Middle East

    Or even better, may be they should compere their cities and lavish lifestyle with the manny innocent civilians of Iraq, Afganistan, and Palestine, and what they do to them every day, every minute and every second to maintain their "civilized" lifestyle...we would surely see a similar comparison.
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    I did Shahadah

    Aslam o Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah he wa Barakato! Welcome to Islam, Welcome to Peace!! May Allah bless you in the years to come, as he has now, and May he grant u patience and knowledge to bear with these hard times that we all face as an Ummah. May Allah increase our support and strength...
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    NASA pictures of Ka'aba Musharafa & Masjid Al-Nabawi

    I dont know why some people make a big deal out of this stuff, and our peoplw fall into their trap, and then later, they find themselves in a clumsy situation defending their view... The Glow is clearly due to the extensive use of premium quality white marble in the Haramain. No wonder these...
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    Did evolution really happened?

    Dude, Like i have said in my previous posts, Micro Evolution ocurs, and it has no issues from a religious point of view--and this also to say that there is no trasformation between species. Macro evolution is a HUGE HOAX! I suggest that you please read up on previous posts
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    Did evolution really happened?

    This is a ver ineresting article. It comes from the website: The article talks about some fossils from long before the established era of Homo sapiens, which are even classified with names, that belong to species, who looked exactly like modern Humans, in...
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    Did evolution really happened?

    The vestigial organs also have uses, some of which have been discovered, and some would be discovered in the future. For example, human appendix was once considered a useless remnant from our evolutionary past. The appendix seems to play a role in antibody production and protects part of the...
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    Did evolution really happened?

    this is exactly what i said...Notice the difference here: no species is transforming into another distinct species! this is what is called micro evolution, whith which from an islamic perespective, we have no problems. but the other evolotion, is just an insane concept!
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    Did evolution really happened?

    just a note: the bracketed names in the various translations of the Holy quran do not make it like the bible..they are used just to clarify in case there are any confusions. besides the 2 persons mentioned here are no other than Hazrad adam and Huwa (AS) No other person's wife is made out...
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    Did evolution really happened?

    Recentlyl, I ran into a discussion with a Hindu friend of mine, who is a strong supporter of evolution theory, and recently he is bending towards athiesm... We had many arguments, oral as well as written, and at one point, I was begining to believe in some ideas which the evolutionists...
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    annother one about pictures !

    according to the knowledge which i have so far, cartoons and pictures and toys such as teddy bears made for children are OK. i.e. there are no verdicts agaist them. Regarding Photographs, May Allah guide me if I am wrong, they are essentially the same as a mirror image...It is a matter of...
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    My faith is getting weak - Please advise me

    I would try to post a response to the text in red. First of all, as Muslims, we should have proper imaan. And Imaan is not pure faith. Imaan is faith, with proof. and in this regard, Iman comes with knowledge, and rigurous study of the word of Allah almighty. Now in this regard, once a Momin...
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    New Terrorism in America

    very true, this once again shows the american media's biase towards the Muslims... However there is rumor (i jope its hust a rumor) that the murderer had written Ismael on his arm, and they say that it depicts the Muslim view of Ismael's (AS) sacrifice for his father and for Allah. Can someone...