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    as salaam alleykum brothers and sisters in Islam, i used to be a member in this forum many years ago, today i decided to log in and it work. MashaAlllah. I wish benefit from members testimony, i enjoyed reading and watching new reverts. it could be possible that a lot has changed since. keep in...
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    as salaam alleykum my dear sister and brothers, i have been away from turntoislam family for quite some time. i really missed the threads discussion mostly the experiences of member from all over the world. i am glad i am back once again and hope to benefit from members inshaAllah, i am...
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    3 Challenging Questions

    :salam2: ...... :ma: masha Allah and Jazaka Allah, Kheir for sharing this wonderful answers from Imam abu Hanifah! it's really a great information that must remember and take note of it at all times. thank you!
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    Article - does prayer change God's mind?

    Clarification of dua changes fate In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is no one (no idol, no person, no grave, no...
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    muslims playing terrorists on tv shows

    :salam2: brother! i used to think that All Arabs are muslim or anybody who speak arabic is a muslim or anybody who wears (kandura) long white dress won by men in arabia is a muslim, until i came to the middle east and got shocked! in fact there are a big number of non-muslim arabs same culture...
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    it has never been found any contradiction in the Quran ever even by those who want to twist it .... the verses of the Holy are inter related and translate one another, for you to understand you must read the whole chapter or othe chapters that explain more in the same subject. also we must read...
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    hi.... as read your post there is something i concluded, that you are getting answers from those who were taught in the wrong way - christians. all christian leaders are thought islam in a wrong context, they take part of islam and twist it and teach to their christian students. in islam we...
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    muslim fortune teller

    Allaah clearly states in al-Qur'an that no one knows the unseen besides Him. Not even the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Allaah said: With Him are the keys to the unseen and none knows it except Him alone." Then he told the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), "Say! I have no power to bring good to myself nor...
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    muslim fortune teller

    Palm-reading, I-Ching, fortune telling, tea leaves as well as Zodiacal signs and Bio-rhythm computer programs, all claim to inform those who believe in them about their future. However, Allaah has stated in no uncertain terms that He alone knows the future: ''Verily the knowledge of the Hour is...
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    A friend being abused for no reason..

    :salam2: i think going to police or any other agencies, that might land ones parents in to jail might not be the right solution. all the verses of the Qur'an i read urge children to be good to their parents in any case, any case. it's not the other way around. so to me the question of reporting...
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    Question on Sharia Law ?

    :salam2: brother TARIQ353 has answered very good.... masha Allah! i think the questioner need to understand clearly the basics of islam. questions like this can lead someone into astray, and shows clearly lack of knowledge in the first place. Allah knows best!
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    A question..

    ISLAM is built on 3 main foundations named : 1. al islam - deeds / actions It has 5-pillars, a) declaration of shahada( by saying there is no god woth of worship other than Allah and that Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah) b) to pray 5 times a day c) paying alm - zakat - charity. d)...
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    new here

    :salam2: welcome to TTI abtii! it's a very big muslim community with members all over the world ... i am in CHINA myself, i enjoy reading every days post from TTI members. i hope you will enjoy and get lots of knowledge from highly educated brothers and sister in this forum.
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    Life of a sad one

    :salam2: brother, sad to hear your situation and i pray that may Allah help you out of your sadness .... AMIN!:tti_sister: However, in islam we should not love too much any one except ALLAH to the extent that we can not forget them ... also we should not hate anyone except ibliss...
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    Time sensitive answer.........

    :salam2: As far as islam is concerned, you can not join all these three prayers in a go... even if you are travelling. you can only join : zuhur with asar and magrib with isha ... either forward or delayed. meaning pray both zuhur and asar together at zuhur time or delay to Asar time to...