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  • Walaykumu salam!!!

    I missed you toooooooo!!!!!!!! Its been tooooo long, my beard is sooooooo long now :p hahahhahaha remember?? :p lool


    I love you for the sake of Almight Allah!!! Mwahhhhhhhhhhh
    happy eid mubarak

    Wa'alykum salam!
    Please forgive your sis :(

    Alhumdulillah am great! and how are u darlin?
    Hope ur well too and the fam :):)

    Sorry, will keep in touch now ;) inshaALlah


    Lvoe u always mwahh


    U tc too hun ;)

    U are sososososoosos ammmmmazing really :D i really really really really LOVE you ukhtii! :D
    honestly, from the bottom of my heart :) u truly are tremendous habibtii :) u rock babe!

    make dua for your sis please :)

    lotsa love, mwaahh!

    Just wanted to drop by and say I LOVE YOU :)
    Ukhtii, you are so amazing, a true friend, may Allah bless your beautiful soul always- forever.

    It's niice to hear from you too ukhtii! :) Really have missed you SO much these days, its such a shame we live so far apart Loll.

    Take care of urself, and make dua for me

    I love you!


    wa'alaykum salaam wa rahmatulLahi wa barakaatuhu wa maghfiratuhu

    I'm well ukhti, how are you? :) JazakAllah khair katheer for leaving me a mega shwet msg *!*!*! mwah!

    Missing you too hun, :( i'm really sorry for not being on msn n tti too often,

    make dua for me

    I love you ukhti


    No you're not stupid ukhtii, u r anything BUT stupid, dont say that again ukhti ;) you rok man :)

    TC love u hun
    assalamu allaicum wa raahmtullah wa baarakatuu my dear,smiling sister Nermin.:)

    That is soooo kind of you for remembering me,and you are in my heart and duas too always. Ameen for your duas my dear sister,and Inshallah with Allahs Mercy I will feel myselfe much better soon. I think it is because I am too much sensitive.:(, but Inhsallah with duas of my sweet sister I will be much better soon. Jazzak Allah kahir for your emails,and may Allah reword you for your effrot to spread message of Islaam,

    Alahmdulillah I also take rest from going on college during weekend and happy to see you so happy for new school year.:):)

    May Allah bless you and make you happy always and under His Mercy.ameen summan ameen.

    a loots of kisses and honey hearts for you.SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    And I looooovvvvvvvve you too always!!!

    please take care and please remember me in your duas

    w aleykum salaam habibti :D
    hamdulillah i am fine jazallah khair,
    inshallah you are in the best of iman and health! ;)
    may Allah ta'ala reward your kindness ammen!

    ps: i come on tti very very little, just for checking if i got any message LOL...

    knock knock:D:D:D:D:D:D:
    salamu Alaikum my shineyy gguurrrllyy:D
    caught on online! yaaaaaaay:D
    come msn if u can:D
    jst for more FORMAL chatting lol
    Walaikumu salams!! :D:D hows you?!?! :D:D:D:D

    I missed you too!! :D:D:D its been really long... i grew a beard again lol...but this time it came out as white lool :D:D hahaha

    alhumdulillah, everything ok..but i hope everything is SUPERB for you!!!!! :D:D:D

    aww sis i love you for the sake of Almightyy Allah 222!!! :D copied my writing style :D:D:D:D LOOL I say I love you for "Almighty Allah" :D:D lool but itss kk...only YOU can copyy me :D:D I'll eat anyone else that does :D:D loool

    kk tc my sweetyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! :D:D

    wasalamu alaikkum :D:D
    salam ukhtii :)
    shlonich ? :D
    yea , i dont really have time to go on the computer , cause i have a lot of homeworks .
    so your iraqi 2 :) ?
    my uncle lives in denemark ,and he's iraqi . do you know him :D ?
    i m fine alhumdillah is everything fine
    actually i m very busy in these days becoz my study is very hard to do it n also my test is gone start
    yes, long time no speak ........hope u r fine
    hows going ur life?
    take care u toooooooooo
    always remember me in ur prayers
    Awwww i missed u 2 ukthi :(
    im not to well but im soooooo happy to see ur message:D
    hehe hows u doing sis??
    hope ur well ukthi
    miss u soooooooo much
    mwaah xx x x and love u
    wa allaicum saalam wa raahmtullah wa baarkatuhu dear sister.

    Ahhh thank you so much for remembering me.It makes me happy always to hear from you.Alhamdulilah I am fine by Allash grace and Mercy, only I had litlle beet of fever these days so I did not felt so well.:frown: How about you??? How is going your school,how is your beloved family my dear sister??? InshAllah you and eveything else is fine.

    Ya Allah,Mashallah that is soooo great news:):),and wallahi it was my happiness to help you for the sake of Allah. Your teachers must be proud on you and me too.

    May Allah bless you too and keep you forever!!!

    kisses and hearts hugssssssssssss:SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    please remember me in your daus and prayers

    Love you!!!

    Walikumsalam!!! lolz sorry my fault too :( im fine hw abt u??
    skol goin awesome!!!!!! whats up on ur side?? gtg cuz my sis buggin me to get up :D wil talk later!!

    ur lil sis fatima :D
    wa allaicum saalam wa raahmatullah wa baaraktuhu my dear sister

    Mashallah,Alhamdulilah I am doing great and everything is fine with Allahs Mercy. My college did not statred yet so I took time to learn Quran today in mosque.Mashallah.:hijabi:. Alhamdulillah I have more time to take rest untill college starts.

    How are you dear sister?? Oh please do not study a loot sister and try to take rest Inshallah,:)

    I wish you great time in your school and best marks!!! Inshallah.

    take care

    May Allah bless you

    Love you for Allah!

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