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  • Asslam'u alikum,

    You are right. But I have already learnt it; brother amir_of_spain briefly explained in what I didn't even think of at all. However, Jazak Allah to you for the message, sister.
    Salam Alakyum sister,

    We as Muslims are supposed to enjoy what is good and forbid what is evil and it is are duty to enjoy one another to truth as Allah says in Surah Al-Asr.

    and exhort one another to preach Truth, and exhort one another to be steadfast.

    Having said that we are to leave the company of those who abuse and slander Allah swt, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them).

    So one has to make a quick judgement as to whether on this issue. He wasn't here to learn, his only objective was to lie and slander, no matter how much proof you will bring forth to him he will not listen. So its better to leave him because the more you argue with him the more he will lie and slander (which is quite obvious). Had we kept quiet these thread would not have gone this far.

    May Allah guide us closer to the truth.


    Salam o Alakyum
    Salam Alakyum sister,

    I know where you are coming from, my point being the more you argue with him the more he will lie and slander. Thats what he is here for.

    Salam Alakyum
    Salam Alakyum sister,

    Dont reply to him (I mean sleepy), he isn't here to learn, no point arguing with him.

    May Allah guide us closer to the truth.

    Salam Alakyum.
    Wa alykumus sister. No worries. I know you are busy nowadays...
    I had really hoped that the situation would have improved! But, sadly, it hasn't... May Allah swt help all of them, Ameen.
    So you haven't seen your country for a long time??..:(
    Whats the situation there now? After so many years, has there been some improvement?
    hmm... I would say I belong to grave ( the place where we are going to end up)..
    Yes i meant where are you from..:D
    Oh good then...:D
    InshaAllah I will try to behave myself..
    Where do you belong to sister?? (If you want to tell me)..:)
    Thats all that I am doing these days! Praying.. and trusting Allah swt. :hearts:
    Ameen and JazakAllah for your sweet duas sister...

    Oh, and one thing more..
    I am a fairly annoying person, so, if you get fed up of my talks... don't hesitate to tell me..:D
    Alhamdulillah thats good news!
    Exams?? Well, I did have some exams earlier and their result has not been announced yet, so please pray for that. Alot depends upon my result....:(
    assalamu alaykum sis :)
    Ameeen to your du'a wa iyyaki ukhtii may Allah make you successful in duniya and akheerah
    Alhamdulillah your exam went well thats great news sis im really happy to hear this :) alhamdulillah
    inshaAllah have a good evening
    im feeling a bit sleepy now lol i guess ill have a little nap inshallah
    Take care
    Uhibbuki fiLlah

    wa salam
    Assalaamu alaykum ukhtii! How are you doing?
    Hows your exams going?
    I hope everything is well and that youre in the best of health and eeman inshaAllah :)
    take care
    Jazaakillah khayran for your du'as, my exams yesterday went well alhamdulillah
    I love you lotsss ukhtii
    wa salamu alaykum
    Wa alaykumus salam.
    Oh! 4 more?? :(
    InshaAllah I will pray that you exam goes well today. Ameen.
    All the best...:)
    My time to say "JazakAllah Khairan"..:hearts:
    Thankyou very much for the request, sister!
    How are you by the way?? feeling relieved that the test is over or feeling tensed that the result will come out soon..?? :D
    Love you for Allah's sake..:)
    Take care
    Wa alaykumu salam wa rahmatullah sis
    InshaAllah no prob dont be sorry lol i hope you enjoyed your meal may Allah give you its barakah
    I love you lots ukhtii
    Wa salamu alaykum
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