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  • AS-salamu 'Aleykum girlyy!

    Am sorreeeeeee i'm replying late baby, exams started and am sooo Stressed, ugh!
    But Alhamdulillah, am still alive, so All will go fine Insha'allah!!
    babyyyyy, i hear yu're getting a nose job done:p:p, wat's up with that huh? Will yu video tape the whole thing for me:p:p i wanna see-e it:biggrin::biggrin: Jkiddin' beautifull..Get 'em to fix it for ya so yu can breath 'kay:biggrin::biggrin:.. and Insha'allah Allah will get you through it so don't woryyy okeeeey- how ya like ma strechyyy words!?:biggrin::biggrin:

    I goatta run now, so keep in touch ukhty!!:biggrin::biggrin:
    Take Care of ma sis for me 'kay:biggrin::biggrin:
    right now? I guess I'll see it later next week... wassalam sis... love you so much! ... :(
    Take care sister... see you monday inshallah... I'm going home now. My ride is waiting for me... :(
    Muslim_Gurl, you can't look worst than me... I mean... I'm not at all happy with my nose... then I feel bad because my overall face is very pretty but my big nose and my twisted spine...

    How can I dance for my husband if my back always hurts when I bend or move?

    If I don't feel comfortable with myself, how can I be comfortable with a man?

    If I feel so upset over my appearance, how could I ever seduce or please my husband? SubhanAllah...
    It is big everyone says so!!! :mad: I'm not making this up! :( I'm lucky if I ever marry subhanAllah... :SMILY23: but it's not for everyone, right? :shymuslima1:
    What do you mean? Yeah, a little bit... :( I made fun of a lot growing up and no one ever told me anything nice about my nose and I hate all my pics... :( subhanAllah.. :(
    haha awwwwwwwwwwwww don't cry shayma:p ..........ok ok u will go to school:lol: so just stop cry :lol: ...........shayma,mujey tumse itni sari batain karni thy na:( but not this place.............inshAllah when u will come on MSN , phir batain hogy:)........take care behna
    aur always remember me in ur dua's

    love u always
    Allah hafiz
    jazakallah khair for dua's behna

    lol abhi study tuo kahtam ho janay doo......abhi inshAllah next year university join karna i can't wait to join university :lol:............inshAllah pata b nahi chalay ga tmhara september juldi ghuzar jahy ga aur phir tum school main paro gy;) don't whats going on now?
    hahhaha no no shayma i m not back lol i m in Madina is a laptop of my friend so i can come on net easily Alhumdillah : D:D :D......Only 1 paper is left, plz make dua for me becoz this paper is very hard for me .............
    It's ok if u can't come:) hum uhdar baat kar saktay hain :D.............tmharey study kasi jah rahi hai?
    Asalamalikum shayma

    how r u?...yaa it's really being long time......plz can u come on MSN now, agar tum free ho tuo otherwise no pro:)
    mashALLAH good to hear Hebba is also fine Alhumdillah:)......
    i just read your mssg bout the canadians.
    =( we losttttt im sooo saad. the days wen we won, omg it was sooooo crazyy where i live. ppl were honking and going crazy lol. where do u live? me in west island
    so i'm going to do it..............

    btw the good news is:hadhrat khadija used to have "that",yeah a special lil lady to do her job for her husband:p!!...........but i dunno if it was lil lady or not:D!!
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