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  • argh i have a deadline for monday and havent really bagan it yet :redface:

    As soon as holidays start ..i will call week sometime? I havent even checked the dates, SubhanAllaah I am so bizzyyy so much to do so little time.

    I hope youre not as packed as me, its not fun.

    Waalaikumsalaam my dear Sister,

    Alhamdulillah. Hope for the same for you. :hijabi:

    Wa alikom assalam, dear and sweet sister. :)

    Jazaki Allah khairan for your very nice gift. I like it very much. May Allah always gladden your heart and make your task easy for you........Ameeeeeen

    I too love you for the sake of Allah and I miss you when you are not around.:)
    Assalamualaikum :hearts:

    I have to ring you during the break at least inshaAllaah, when do your holidays start? :)
    Wa alikom assalam, dear sister.

    Hope you are doing well and in the best state of health and faith. Sister, I tried to open this link you gave me, but I couldn't. It does not open.
    wa aleikum salam
    how have you been?
    inshaAllah you have been well, myself am hanging like yo-yo but ok
    i will check link.
    have you finished school yet?
    wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah ukhti,

    Alhamdulillah I'm good, still working on strengthening both i guess inshaAllah =D

    I hope you are doing well too inshaAllah

    Wa alikum asslam wa rahamatullah wa barakatuh
    Alhamdulillah I'm doing well, what about you? I hope everything is ok.Thank you so much dear sister for these lovely flowers,how didyou know that I like mauve!
    All my best wishes
    Asalamo Aliki sister

    It is my pleasure sister I hope that I have helped you in answering your question.
    God bless you
    Fi Amani Allah
    Assalamo alikom dear and sweet sister,

    I am so proud of you and I am very grateful to your great post of the creation of the embryo in the Qur'an.

    May Allah reward you the best for that
    Hmm yknow, now that we spoke on the phone, I cant read your message without impersonating a welsh accent in my head :p

    Edit - yeh you got the right one ;)
    Waalaikumsalaam my dearest Sister,

    Aww thats sweet of you! :)

    Love you and take care Sis!
    Sis ..

    I changed my username, I realise now perhaps I should have announced it, cos libin doesnt realise either :D as you can see Im still quite active around here.

    Anyways ..hope youre doing cool, I'll disturb you sometime after Thursday ;)
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