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  • أهلين حبيبتي
    معليش مشغولة مرة بالمدرسة :(
    اختباراتي بمنتصف شهر صفر يعني قرررررربت

    Btw, sis tell me, howz uni life for you? Always studying huh? :( Aww no worries that's why we go in the first place lol. Ukhtii, you know it's snowing here and I didn't know. I looked out the window and was like baahhhhhhh :O lol means college maybe cancelled bcoz u know how it is here, once it snows, everything is shut down :D
    Nwy, sorry for the long VM, hope I didn't bore you :D Stay in touch ukhti, Fi amaan Allaah love you FiLlaah and miss you lots :( take care *boroh anjaaaa* xx
    Asalaamu'alaykum sister :D
    Ameen, wa anti min ahlil jaza' :D:D:D Baraaka Allaahu feki ukhtiiii :D
    Amar geseh arokh dakh naam aseh :D but ppl dnt use it much, it's chanu and chani lol :D
    Sis, it would be so cool if we could meet InshaAllaah but I'm really shy lol If we don't meet in this life, then InshaAllaah in the akheerah may we meet in Jannah!! Houb wa Salam (Love and peace?) Amr arbi beshi bala niy go :D amr practice khorah lageh. Wallaah I miss our convos :( I got sooo much to tell you :D Ukhti I got a letter from one of the uni's I applied to. They said they're gna process my application and let me know the results in about four weeks InshaAllaah, but that uni is my last choice, as I applied to four uni's.
    Salam sis!!!!!
    Lol- yeah- but i don't think it's the dogs fault lol- i think its better to treat animals with loyalty rather than abuse them:D

    lol- nice poiliceWOMAN- lol:lol:
    yeah- we met at the mall lol- then we went shopping and we had fun:D
    i saw a top that was really pretty- but when i wore it it looked AWFUL:(:lol:!!!!!!:D

    I'm glad the days are getting longer very little by little:lol:

    how about u sis- how r u

    lots of love
    best wishes
    Salam!!!!:D :hearts: :D
    As-salamu Alaikum dear sis:hearts:

    Thought i'd 'stop' by and say 'salaam':biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    kinda been a long time since i visited:subhanallah:.,.,.,hope you're in the best of health and Iman:hijabi:

    take care and Stay blessed ukhty:SMILY139:
    Salaam Diddii.....!!
    Why is it that I get to talk to everyone except to whom I want to talk the mooost. Its been really reallly reallly long diddi. InshAllah, I hope to see you over this weekend.
    Btw, kaisi ho aap ? Kya haal chaal hai ? Majama ?
    Take care, Ily loaadz and miss u loadz.

    Asalamalikum behna:D:D

    i m fine Alhumdillah:)

    hahhaha thank god biology se jan chotey:lol: yahoooooo u done with biology:lol: really bio is very hard subject:D lol

    lol i think u change ur time to come on net:D becoz u know now i m online but u r not:( lol i misssssssssssss u soo much :(

    btw tumhare vacations chal rahy hain kia:D????? lol

    ok sister enjoy urself:p

    take careeeee alot:hearts:

    :salam2: sister
    Lol oshubida, I say oshubita :S Lol maybe I've been saying it wrong all this time :D Yes I have the old version of it, though I downloaded it only a few months ago and remember you even downloaded it. Oh well lol I think it is better because I'm getting my homework done Alhamdulillaah :D But I hope InshaAllaah once I've finished it works :D
    Ameen, wa anti min ahlil jaza' :D
    Wuu2 these days? Aww hiba sounds so sweet mashaAllaah, may Allaah bless her. What does sisi mean? And sis, yes you are funny muhahahahahaha :D:D
    :D:D:D:D:D You make moi laugh :D Aww you have zell again, snap minez starts nxt monday as well :(
    Stay good sister, make du'aa for me. Baraka Allaahu feki sis. May Allaah bless you and your family. Fi amaan Allaah ukhti FiLlaah *!*!*!

    بس ما وحشتك :(
    Walaykumu salaam

    Im doing very well, Alhumdulillah, and you my dearest sister? :)
    I missed u alottt....I dont see you on msn that much :confused:
    lol sis!!!!!!!!!:D
    Yeahhhhh-:lol: eating in the same plate- that wouldn't be punishment 4 them at all!:lol:
    I know- it's actually really beautiful in the morning, until you look down lol- it''s pretty warm in the afternoon- but at night its SO cold that there's fog!!! like- steaming cold from the snow lol!!!!!!!

    brrrrrrrrr- lol- hope u get bak quickley then sis!!!!!!!:D i have a long friend coming over with her family on friday lol- we've been friends \ enimies since 2ncd grade. thats because we fought a lot:lol: but now we're good:D

    Luv u back!!!!!!:D:hearts:
    mwahz& huggies!!!
    and also- a Salam:lol:
    Asalamu alaiksum, sis!! Alhamdulela you've finished your exams! How were they?

    Ooh your mom like Egyptian movies!! She must know Ahmed Helmy, and the new one this year Ahmed Mekky! I personally love Ahmed Helmy though I'm not much of a TV person and especially Arabic movies! :p But yeah, Ahmed Helmy is just the one person who does decent movies.

    Yep, kharshoof is a veggie! Good for your mashaa allah! :) Okay I will stop testing you hehe :)

    Oh you made basboosa? How did that turn out? Did you burn the kitchen? :p hehe just kidding. :D

    As for me, I'm just okay. I have exams now. :( :( :( Still a little more than 2 weeks till the vacation and I don't feel like studying. I've been wasting time nearly all day today and gahh there's so much to study. I'm going to behave myself tomorrow inshaa allah but I need your duas really badly. PLEASE!!! :hearts:

    YOU are mistaken, I love you much more. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
    Asalaamu'alaykum shunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna! :D:D:D:D
    Sister you are sosososososososososooooooooooo funny! :D MashaAllaah you make moiiii laugh haha :D hoho you going crazy?! Yes, of course you would if your eating all them sweet roshogullas iniiiit? :D Hahahaha yes in bengali gatherings they serve baaaarrre food :D I cook often these days :) The other day I cooked tuna, pasta and sweetcorn, it was yummy even abid liked it :D:D:D He kept on putting his hand in my plate :D And today I had baguette :D it was yummmmmmyyyy. Sister, how is your family? How's hiba? Hope they are all doing well InshaAllaah. I have one more week left till the holidays finish :( maannnn I enjoy sleeping late and waking up late :D lool. I miss you a lot as well :( Makhal msn don't work :( beakhollllll init? :D:D:D hehe :D Take care sister, keep in touch :D *!*!*! love you :D miss you :( Fi amaan Allaah *!*!*!XX
    Asalamalikum my behna:D

    kasi ho??????
    lol misssss u soo much :( tum aj kaal msn per b nahi ah rahi ho:D
    lol lagta hai phir biology main busy ho:p lol lagy raho:lol:

    kabhi study se fariq hoa karo tuo hum behna se baat kr liya karo:lol:
    ok take care:D:D

    Allah hafiz:)
    looollllll sis!!!!!! I know eh!!!!!!
    forget $1000- i wish they'd have to pick it up and eat it!!!!!!!!:lol: ewwwwww
    I KNOW WHAT U MEAN!!!!!! Do you now that there are DOG RESTERAUNTS now!!
    Fancy taking ur dog to one of those while people are starving on the other side of the world!!!!!!:angryred: Seriously- I love animals, but I don't treat them like my mother\child!!!!!!:lol:
    lol- u know- " The fine sparks of peach and blue, lighting up the sky anew, reflecting upon the snow so bright- indigo, white, YELLOW!!!! EWWWWW!!!! GROSS!!!!!:lol:
    I've heard that!!!:D
    No sis- i think ur funny!!!!!
    Sweet dreams!!!!!:D
    Wake up fresh!!!!
    Say ur du'aa!!!!!:D


    :hearts: :);):);):);):);):);):);):) :hearts:
    Salam my dear behnaaaaaaaa:D:D:D:D:D
    im alot better nw alhamdulilah yesterday i had a fever:( but beta nwwwwwww:D
    how abt u? :lol: yeah dun worry i am enjoyin ma hols:D i hve 10 days off frm skol maujan hi maujan:lol:
    *GAINT HUG BACK* :lol: ameen to ur dua behna!
    mwahzzz nd ♥ ya tooo!!!!:D
    ur crazy lil sis^_^
    awwww lol sis!!!!! Don't worry- I have to go back to school too!!!!! lol!!!!!
    :D :lol: :D
    yeah lol- it looks pretty nice- not that crowded- just the same- either it's actually pretty- or I got used to it's ugliness from 7 years of living here lol!!!!!!:lol:
    lol- I HATE it when people let their dogs do their "business" wherever they want to!!!:angryred: lol- once i saw someone getting told off for it!!!!:lol:
    I wish I could- then you'd have to send me some too!:lol:

    Lots of luv sis!!
    Asalamalykum sis!!:D:D:D
    sorry for the late reply:( my internet is damn slow these days dunno why? so i didnt get to open my profile.... Oh i hope ur exams went AWESOME inshallah!:D:D:D
    My exams were fina alhamdulilah i hve winter vacs now:D:D so im soooo happy :lol:
    Fam is doiin gr8 all Thanks to Allah(swt) And pakistan not so well:( but im prayin and so are others that everything gets better.....
    Im sooo glad ur fine:D!:lol: i hpe u enjoyed ur 10 day break:D
    love yo tooooooooooooooooooo!!!♥ :D
    I hope you pass ur exams, lemmi know the results inshallaah :D you'll do well!!! don't wowwie init :D xx
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