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    Desparately Seeking Advice

    :tti_sister: i feel for you sister and your husband pray for your husband and that he finds all his answers
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    ** 10 Things We Waste **

    thanks :tti_sister: thanks for the refreshment and enlightened me on what really matters Allah............
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    A Muslim Girl's Guide For Dealing With Guys(From One Sister To Another)

    a refreshing reminder for me thank you for that reminder because everyone needs that kind of reminder because of the way this world is............that imformation was so refreshing and very good to keep in mind.............:tti_sister:
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    Assalamu alaikum from America..another new sister on TTI

    asalam alaikum welcome to the site:ma:
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    brother from india

    asalam alaikum salaam brother i hope ypo enjoy the website
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    From Palstine, I hope to accept me in your community

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    New Member

    asalama alakum :ma: They only thing I can tell you is that ISLAM is the way to peace and its the truth enjoy being a muslim and allah will certainly bless you
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    I did Shahadah

    hey hey congrats sistah, the islamic life for the muslims is the most peaceful
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    What Was the Best Time in Your Life?

    the best day of my life :tti_sister: The best day of my life is when I married my husband of three years. A good man from Mauritania, then my son yasir was born this year and my 26th birthday I took my Shahada and now I am extreme happy with what I accomplish so far.... Insha'allah I will...
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    Introducing Myself

    aslaama 'alakum I was raised Islamically ,but took my shahada last month. I have been to a good muslim man for 2 1/2 years and I am very happy :)
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    Introducing Myself

    :tti_sister: May allah bless you and your new life. Remeber to be strong and don't let no one scare you!!!!!!!!