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  • congrats!

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    im soOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo happpppiii for u! :D

    SubhanAllah WONDERFUL newwwsss! :D
    Hmm.....!! Bari hi afsoos ki baat hei ke aap ne mughay itni bari khabar nahin batai!! ;) I will let you go this time..:D:D:D
    Bohat bohat mubarak! I am SO happy for you, sis! May Allah swt grant you a very blessed marriage. Ameen..:)
    You will be forced to do full time shopping, now..;) You should look forward to do that...hehehe.. but maybe this time you won't feel annoyed to go to the bazar....:D:D
    All the best.
    Keep in touch..:)
    Asalam alaikum sis
    sis i am so happy for u..sorry i had to write it here....
    I will make tons of dua for u and HIM inshallah
    bechari granny hamesha hee peechay reh jati
    oh pay chat zaroor kerna..aghar time miley..and tti per bhi atey rehna
    mashallah its already july and ur wedding is soonnnnnnnnnnn
    I love u so much ..these words can't even express it....
    aur apna kehyal rekhna..aur tension nahi leni..sub kuch ALLAH key oper chor doo
    take care
    meri piyari see behna....
    walikum salam
    Wa alaykumus Salam Nadia Baji.

    Wow! MashaAllah, thats awesome... we never get to watch any kind of video at school..:( You are MashaAllah so fortunate!..:D
    Do you think I can find those videos at youtube?? It would be worthwhile to watch something like this...:)

    I am trying to enjoy my holidays as much as I can, ;). Bugging my sister all the time...(poor her!;))
    Please do pray for my board results.. they will be coming in a few days..*gasps*... I am SO scared that I may mess up..:( So please make special duas for me..:)
    Will pass along your salam, InshaAllah..:)
    Take care.
    Fe Imaan illah.
    WaAlaikum Assalaam wr wb:D:D:D:D:D
    yeppeyyyyy! iam cool as you are:Dlo0ol
    nice, u atleast let it take a brea:D
    o0h thanks, I take that as a complement:D inshaALlah I will learn Arabic, I knw some somali ppl speak Arabic TabarakaAllah, but unfortunately I am not one of them:(lo0o0ol sis, well, sure I was gonna ask u, but AlhamduliAllah, gud to knw u r fine:D Allah bless u and all those u love.ameen
    JazakaAllah kharan for the salaam:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    asalam alaikum wr wb behan jee
    alhamdulliah i am fine..yaar cool kiya ..yahan per tu 2 days sey bohat garmi hai....
    bus yaar sub ko school sey chotiyan hoo gayee hein so i am busy playing with them..he he..even though is umer mein kahan kehla jata hai...
    lol...kiya itney scary jokes hein ap key? i love ur jokes..hamesha share kiya kero
    chalo me abh chaleing..
    take care
    walikum salam
    Asalam alaikum meri sweet si behna or doctor jee
    kiya haal chal hein?
    inshallah everything is ok on ur side
    oh han ap key test kaisey howay..sorry if i asked before
    aur kiya nayee tazi hai....
    chalo mein abh chalti hoon...might take me a while to get up but i will try ..he he
    take care
    walikum salam
    Wasalamu Alaikum dear behna:D
    you'll scribble?? lo0ol
    oh ma rab! u speak Arabic, so lucky walahi!:D I iwsh I knew Arabic!!!!!
    yea, I guess the decision is mine to decide:D so, u'll hv give me sometime tho;)
    lo0ol now too far, I knw these: behna, bhai, mere piyaaari,Shab bikhair(I think that is hw it's spelled)l0l and that is it!inshaAllah,I will enjoy:D hoping the same for u:D
    and yea, give ur keyboard a rest!!!
    tc, and keep :)ing..lo0ol I stole ur line:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D:D:D:D:D
    Wa alaykumus salam!
    Oh really? You guys are on holidays as well?? Thats awesome! You must be enjoying SO much..:D:D:D

    Hmm.. you are absolutely right in saying that summer and winter shouldn't make any difference on ramadhan. But since I do not fast on normal days (because of my health reasons).. Its really hard for the first three days or so..We do not have any holidays from school during these days.. so I get a bit tired.. But, in the end..MORE AGAR!!..:D:D

    How is everyone at your home especially your mother?? Do give her my Salam...:)
    take care sis.
    lo0ol, yea I love those excitin stuff:D
    yea, inshaAllah:D I will def fill ur wall, but will u fill mine????
    oh wait, u speak urdu?? so, does that mean u r another *funni* sister...all my friends who is speak urdu are *tHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FINNIEST ppl I eva MET!* and I love that!:D
    mu mother tongue????hhhhmmmmm, IT'S SOMALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, iam screamin wif that!:Dlo0oo0o0ol
    yes, me tooo I will always keep *my greeenieeeeeeees ON*:D
    yes, I will inshaAllah,
    TC as well dear behna:D
    hey,hey, hey check this out *mere piyaari,piyaari,piyaari behna* yea, I am doin great in my learnin:D
    Allah hafiz nw N always:D
    o0h,'s probably someone else...*a bit scary to nt knw who I accepted!*lo0ol, inshaAllah it's gonna be fine:D
    lo0ol, copyright ur name>man that is funni:D:D:D:D:D:D aaww, sis...I am happy to see urs as well:hearts::D
    PS>u can msg me anytime:D I wud LOVE to read 'em(make sure they r looong);)lo0ol, I love readin looon msgs from my behnas(sisters):D:D:D:D:D hey, dont be surprised iam learnin urdu from my sisters:D
    tc as weeeellllll:D:D:D
    I will keep smillin as loong as u r smillin;);););)
    Allah hafiz nw and always:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Assalamu Alaikum dear sis:D
    well, ok I neva really said salaam to u, lo0ol, but I am sayin now....anywho, hw is ulo0ol, I meant, hw r u?? i hope u doing wonders...sis I hv a quick question:D
    did u add me on msn??:D lo0ol, iam sorry but I accepted someone on there on her name was NADIA, so I thought it might be *u*:D sorri if iam mistakin u wif someone else...I appoligize in advance:D
    PS> I LOVE ur thought:D I mean ur thread abt been kind to every one:D it's really NICEEEEYYYYYYYY:D:D:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    Wa alaykumus Salam!
    hehehe... Good to know that you and your nieces and nephews are chilling out. I do hope that the summer goes away sooon...Because ramadhan guzarna bohat mushkil ho gata hei garmion mein!!:( Pias itni lagti hei ke bas!;);)

    Yup, we are packing our stuff. Here, its the holiday time of the year... My sis and me are on holidays.. So, we are doing whatever we can before our "separation"...*sobs*!! :(
    Nothing new here... What about you? Aap ki chuttian hu gaen kia??
    Take care.
    Oh and please don't say sorry! it makes me feel even more guilty..!!

    It looks to me as if you have really been praying about the weather condition here.. cuz it's SO cold! I dont even switch on the fan!! keep on doing the good work..;)
    Wa alaykumus salam warahmatullahi wabarakatahu!!
    Lolz! I am SO sorry sis... Actually there has been a lot going on in my house thats why I didnt message you..:(:(
    Sorry!..*gulps*..Hope you are not glaring at me from the other side of the screen...;);)
    Alhamdulillah everyone is fine at my home. JazakAllah SO much for the message.. Bohat bohat shukria..!.:hearts:

    Anyways, how are you doing?? How are your beloved nieces and nephews??.(Must be longing for another bath in the rain..;))..lolz!
    Take care baji.
    PLEASE naraz na huye ga!..:(
    Wa-alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu wa maghfiratuhu sis :D:D:D

    Alhumdulillah im ok and hows my gawjus sister doing..? :D
    Hope ur in the best of health :)

    JazakAllah khair ukhtii- really means a lot to me.
    May Allah bless you with the same and better :) *hug*

    Fresh wedding cake..? I cant promise :p
    May becum a little bit outa d8 and fungied and greeny and brokenified loOoOoOoll :D:D
    You'll have to come here if you want cakee *yum*

    I really wish you could join me sis on that day :) Luvya loads

    Yeh i hope i have a good time too inshaAllah- ull be there in spirit <lol at that :D
    make dua for me exams on thursday - papers inshaAllah

    Keep smilinh morer :D:D:D

    Love you sis :)
    hahahahah meri billi .... hehe cracked me up sis :D

    x x x
    walikum salam wr wb
    alhamdulliah mein bilkul teekh takh hoon
    sorry yaar..very busy with studying and house work
    yaar bilkul bhi time nahi mila online aney kaa
    lol..han is umer mein thori hard ho jata hai..mein bhool jati hoonyaar ap ki yaad tu everyday ati hai...mein ap key beghar kuch bhi nahi hoon:)
    inshallah i will write more
    have to go study for a test
    apna khyal rekhna
    Allaicomu saalam wa raahmatullah wa baarakatuhu beloved sister Nadia.

    Alahmdulillah,I am very happppy to hear that you are fine and that everything is so good Mashallah for you.:)

    InshAllah you will be in my duas sister,you do not even need to say wallahi.Please keep me in your duas too for Allah.May Allah accept all our prayers and duas and make us strong in our iman.Ameen.

    And once again good luck sister in your exams from Holy Quran from my heart.

    May Allah bless you

    My best wishes and saalams for you dear sister:SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

    take care


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