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    My score - 10/10

    :salam2: i got 7/10 first time second time i got 10/10 :wasalam:
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    getting married ..........

    :salam2: Alf Alf Alf mabrooooooook ukhtiiii:jumpclap::jumpclap: it's a gr8 news 2 hear :D:D:D wishing u all da best May ALLAH SWT give you a blessed married life luv u 4 da sake of ALLAH......take care :wasalam:
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    Do you Cook ?

    :salam2: i can cook alhamdulillah :wasalam:
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    WHAT'S YOU FAVORATE MOSQUE? post your photo's..

    :salam2: My favourite masjids are masjidul haram, the masjid of the Prophet (pbuh) and masjid quba.....alhamdulillah i have visited them all wa'salaam
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    Baba Ali: reads, puts on shoes, clean clothes

    :salam2: looooooooooooooooooool those videos are funny :wasalam:
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    So B.o.R.e.D

    :salam2: well i'm soo happy tht is snowing in london cuz noo college i'm just chillin with family everyone is home 2dy it is really cold here but Beautiful i haven't seen it for years it always used to snow in sweden so it kinda Reminds me of my childhood anyways try to get ur self busy with...
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    "He Has a Big Mouth"

    :salam2: i liked it jazakalahu kheyr for sharing :wasalam:
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    Rare recitation..surah Al Abasa..

    :salam2: jazakalahu kheyr 4 sharing masha'allah very beautiful recitation :wasalam:
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    Powerful recitation from Shaykh Nu'ana'

    :salam2: jazakalahu kheyr brother for sharing brother very calm recitation!!:wasalam:
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    Dua request

    :salam2: brother inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon may allah grant her jannatul fardowsa :wasalam:
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    The red and blue coat

    :salam2: funny and nice story loool jazakalahu kheyr for sharing brother :wasalam:
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    concerning friendship requests.....

    :salam2: i agree with sister Asha88 i don't think there is anything wrong with befriending the opposite gender on TTI as long as you don't cross the limit :wasalam:
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    Sheesha?? Good or Bad???

    :salam2: :jazaak:For the fatwa i thought tht it was a’right if it was flavors that had no tabacco in them but now it’s clear :wasalam:
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    Chinese Muslim is coming

    :salam2: welcome to TTI hope you enjoy your stay, i have never meet chinese muslim hope you find this site beneficial :wasalam:
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    As Salamualaikum

    :salam2: welcome to TTI hope you enjoy your stay here and find it beneficial may allah bless you :wasalam: