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    What does Islam say about depression

    Depression is a reflection of low serotonin levels. Serotonin levels will not drop because you have weakened your connection to Allah. It is very important that we make a distinction between feeling sad and lonely, and suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. These are...
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    News Son of Dubai Ruler, dies of heart attack.

    This man was a philanderer and playboy. He flaunted his wealth in the most shameful manner possible. The royal family did everything they could to keep his name off the Internet and out of the news because he was such a disgrace. His father removed him from the line of succession a few years...
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    In this time of humanitarian crisis, it serves no purpose to engage in a debate or discussion about whether the Syrian war should have happened. I wrote this post to find out what other Muslim communities are doing to help. For example, a few families I know are trying to sponsor some of these...
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    Squash/Zucchini Recipes

    This would also work well with Eggplant.
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    Quran Benefits and Power of Dua in Islam

    Why must we perform Hajj and Umrah 2015 ONLY through >-----advertising removed by moderator-----<???? What difference does it make what travel agency we use?
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    I have not been on this site for a while, but decided to check out the discussion of the migrants that are dying and struggling over the last few weeks in Europe. I have lost sleep over this and am trying to determine what monetary action or other action I should take. Some of my non-muslim...
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    More activity from admins to salamyou

    On my profile page there was an ad with a bare-chested woman. Seriously, something should be done!
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    Cousin relationship?

    No you don't have to ignore her! She's your cousin sister, a member of your family. Islamically you cannot be alone with her. Presumably when you see her your mutual elder relatives are present? If so, you are allowed to talk to her.
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    What ISIS is doing is legal according to sharia law

    Islam values the preservation of life. Islam values mothers. Islam protects women. It respects other religions. Does Isis stand for any of these principles? How many of those British vacationers in Tunisia were mothers? Fathers? How many had honoured their parents? Isis slaughtered them...
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    Inheritance question for unmarried women

    to whom does a single childless woman leave her wealth? Assume her parents die before her. She has older brothers. Does she have to leave everything to her brothers? They will be getting the bulk of the parents inheritance. Is she allowed to leave it to anyone she wants?
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    News Netherlands Approves Plans for face-covering veil ban.

    The thing is, sister, we can't change people. If walking around with your face covered makes people uncomfortable then they aren't going to change. The only way people will stop passing judgement on us, is if we stop passing judgement on them. And unfortunately, muslims who immigrate to the...
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    News Netherlands Approves Plans for face-covering veil ban.

    You can be modest without covering your face. its not part of European culture to hide your face, people get scared. But, why not move to a muslim country where it won't even be an issue?
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    has anyone read books by jean sassoon?

    I have read her novels, many years ago, mostly out of curiosity and boredom. Mildly entertaining chick lit at best (I'm assuming you are a girl, as I can't figure out why a man would read these). Not worth your time!
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    Dentistry as a profession for women?

    Personally I would want a female dentist. The only way this will be accomplished is if moe women go to dental school.
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    Duas for psychosis/delusions....general anxiety/depression - please help!

    You can always read Ayat-ul-Kursi. But seriously you may wish to consider medication, as these issues rarely disappear on their own.